WATCH: How to make your own immune booster shots

While many may downplay the significance of these shots in summer, it is important that it be noted that these can be used all year round. Flu can be experienced in every season and can occur whether in cold or warm seasons. As individuals who are prone to flu, it is important that we protect ourselves in the best ways we know how. As the flu spreads in the air and attacks our respiratory systems, these natural home remedies shots can be of great assistance and provide several benefits. These easy to make alternatives are a natural way to not only kickstart your day but they will also leave your body feeling refreshed and healthy. Here are some of the benefits these immune booster shots guarantee for your health: Eases Digestion While many of us battle with digestion issues, according to Smart Pressed Juice –a phytonutrient Company – these small wonders that are a perfect blend of superfoods such as ” turmeric, cold-pressed lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and ginger can ease digestion and get your body back to normal.” Promotes Energy If you are looking for the perfect substance to kickoff your day then look no further than these immune booster shots.  Lay low … Continue reading WATCH: How to make your own immune booster shots