How to make sushi donuts

If you’ve been wondering how to make sushi donuts, wonder no more. It’s easier than you think, and the results are guaranteed to impress. Use this easy 3-step guide and you’ll be making mouth-watering sushi donuts in no time! How to make sushi donuts MAKES 4 INGREDIENTS 330g sushi rice, cooked (Read how to cook sushi rice here) Toppings of your choice (such as fresh trout or tuna, pickled radish, cucumber, avocado, caviar, sesame seeds, Japanese mayo, shredded nori sheets) Ponzu or soy sauce, to serve Pickled ginger, to serve You will need: 1 donut pan METHOD PRESS enough sushi rice into each of the donut pan moulds to fill them. Pack the rice firmly, then turn the pan upside down and whack the moulded rice rings out onto your cutting board. USING your selected toppings, decorate each of the donuts. For example, we sliced fresh tuna into 0,3cm thick slices and gently wrapped it over the top of a donut, keeping the ring shape intact. Then we arranged thinly sliced cucumber one side of the donut, sprinkled a little caviar on top and scattered with some finely sliced nori strands for height. There are no rules – have funĀ and … Continue reading How to make sushi donuts