Simple chocolate pots

Simple chocolate pots This no-bake, decadent dessert is the perfect after-dinner treat. Its free from heaps of refined sugar ,but dont think that this dessert wont impress- we’ve used nature’s bounty to sweeten the deal. HANDS-ON TIME 10 min |TOTAL TIME 1 hour 10 minutes  |SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS CHOCOLATE POTS 180 grams vegan dark chocolate 1 ¾  cups almond milk, room temperature  1 cup medjool dates TO SERVE 1 tin (400m) coconut cream, refrigerated and unshaken  1 Tbsp. cocoa powder Pinch sea salt flakes   METHOD MELT the chocolate and place in the fridge to cool slightly. COMBINE the milk and dates together in a food processor and blend until combined. SLOWLY drizzle the chocolate into the milk mixture with the blender running to prevent lumps from forming. Blend the mixture until smooth. POUR the mixture into 4 serving bowls and refrigerate until set, about 1 hour.  LIGHTLY dust the chocolate pots with cocoa powder, dollop over some thick coconut cream and sprinkle over salt flakes to serve.   <FOOD TEAM TIP > For a creamier consistency, use a well-shaken tin of coconut cream for the chocolate pots instead of almond milk. Made this recipe? Tag us on Instagram @foodandhomesa ALSO … Continue reading Simple chocolate pots