Yes, it’s true; at ditto you can have ice cream and waffles too

In November 2021, ditto on kloof became the new kid on the block and Cape Town’s first 100% plant-based ice cream parlour. A few months later, the owners expanded their store and opened up a waffle house right next door – 100% plant-based too, of course.  Picture: @gesantabed / Instagram Since its opening, ditto has been giving people the chance to enjoy the creamy texture and indulgent flavour of ice cream without any dairy products or common allergens included – no soy, nuts, wheat or lactose. From fruity flavours like Passionella, Marvellous Mango and Berry Bonanza to creamy ones like Doubly Decadent Brownie, Chai Chi Chai Chi and Coffeelicious; there are abundant choices on offer in store and in tub form. Picture: @sasha.lupine / Instagram Just like its ice cream, ditto’s waffles are also vegan, made with Oh Oat oat m*lk and come in seven signature flavours: Better Than Biscoff, Hunkin’ Chunkin’ Chocolate, Not Yo’ Notella, Dreamy Cookies &  Creamy, Apple Pie Chai, Peanut Butter Bomb and Super Strawberryberyy. Picture: @eatditto / Instagram For fellow indecisive’s, you can opt to build your own waffle and add a little of everything to avoid having to choose just one.  Picture: @eatditto / … Continue reading Yes, it’s true; at ditto you can have ice cream and waffles too