• In November 2021, ditto on kloof became the new kid on the block and Cape Town’s first 100% plant-based ice cream parlour. A few months later, the owners expanded their store and opened up a waffle house right next door – 100% plant-based too, of course. 

    Picture: @gesantabed / Instagram

    Since its opening, ditto has been giving people the chance to enjoy the creamy texture and indulgent flavour of ice cream without any dairy products or common allergens included – no soy, nuts, wheat or lactose.

    From fruity flavours like Passionella, Marvellous Mango and Berry Bonanza to creamy ones like Doubly Decadent Brownie, Chai Chi Chai Chi and Coffeelicious; there are abundant choices on offer in store and in tub form.

    Picture: @sasha.lupine / Instagram

    Just like its ice cream, ditto’s waffles are also vegan, made with Oh Oat oat m*lk and come in seven signature flavours: Better Than Biscoff, Hunkin’ Chunkin’ Chocolate, Not Yo’ Notella, Dreamy Cookies &  Creamy, Apple Pie Chai, Peanut Butter Bomb and Super Strawberryberyy.

    Picture: @eatditto / Instagram

    For fellow indecisive’s, you can opt to build your own waffle and add a little of everything to avoid having to choose just one. 

    Picture: @eatditto / Instagram

    If for some reason you’re not in the mood for ice cream, opt for the Naked Waffles. You can choose between the chocolate espresso infused Wake Me Up Before You Go Go served with brûléed banana, almond butter and cream; or the Fresh ‘n Fruity topped with seasonal fruits and cream. 

    Picture: @eatditto / Instagram

    Not keen on ice cream or a waffle? No problem, ditto has oat m*lk coffee, donuts and m*lkshakes on offer too. 

    Picture: @eatditto / Instagram

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    Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape {town} Etc.

    Feature image: @eatditto / Instagram