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Back in time

Same month, different year… we dust off our September issues as far back as 20 years ago to glimpse (and sometimes giggle) at what was trending then – and…

Chickpea and spinach falafels with Thai green curry sauce and a cheesy veggie fondue

The future is food

Ever wonder what we’ll be eating in the years to come? Here is the answer.  The Future is Food Ever wonder what foods we’ll be eating in the future?…

Avocado and yoghurt dip - 5 Things everyone needs to know about avocados

Saucy personalities!

Mayonnaise devotees are said to be the most chilled and easy-going people alive. Do you agree? We take a look at what different sauce lovers, including those with an…

Split pea and ham hock soup

August Trivia Answers

Good job on answering our August trivia questions! Want to see if you got them right? Below are the correct answers. 1 True 2 Sugar and vinegar 3 Tootsie roll…

Blanko Supper Club

Blanko Supper Club

Blanko at the Alphen Boutique Hotel boasts a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, where friends and family can gather to taste and explore culinary flavours while socialising to their hearts’…

Final Friday Foodie Market

Final Friday Foodie Market

Join Killarney Mall for their Final Friday Foodie Market with The Lazy Makoti on 30 August, from 10am to 3pm. #ConvenientlyYours Who is The Lazy Makoti? Mogau Seshoene founded The…