8 ways with store-bought puff pastry

Store-bought puff pastry is extremely versatile and can be used to make a myriad of delicious sweet and savoury dishes. Here are 8 tasty ways to use up those rolls of puff pastry sitting in your freezer.   1. Ham, cheese and mustard galette Layers of smoked ham and molten cheese are sandwiched between crisp layers of golden puff pastry.   2. Puff pastry, chocolate & fig stack Creamy, chocolate dolloped atop golden pastry, with some fruitiness for good measure…this is a quick and super-impressive dessert that will keep chocolate lovers happy!   3. Beef & pea hand pies These beef and pea hand pies are perfect for packing into lunchboxes or picnic baskets.   4. Spinach, blue cheese & walnut puffs These cheesy puffs are a super tasty starter for the next time you’re entertaining!   5. Heirloom tarte Tatin The tomatoes in this tart become wonderfully tender with a touch of crispiness, and are especially delicious with golden, buttery crust. Perfect for brunch or a light lunch.   6. Vanilla orange custard slices These are little slices of heaven and perfect for a teatime treat. The creaminess of the custard is undercut by a refreshing citrus tang, and the … Continue reading 8 ways with store-bought puff pastry