New vintage sports Heritage Seal and tells a wild story

Delheim Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc still hitting the 1986’s high notes. The year 1986 was…wild. And not just because Delheim’s Ou Jong (Old Youngster) vineyard – the one that realised its famed Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc – was planted then. Indeed, the Stellenbosch winery has just released its latest vintage, the first since achieving official Heritage Vineyard status. More than anything, the Delheim Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc 2021 epitomises the renowned family-owned winery’s slogan: Worth the Journey. The special seal and serial number the bottle now carries, guarantee its pedigree, but also point to that wild era connected to the making of the wine itself. Rather than introducing commercial yeast, Delheim allows “wild” strains in the air around the winery and on the grapes to spark fermentation. “I like spontaneous or wild fermentation with this vineyard because it is old enough to tell a story,” says cellarmaster Roelof Lotriet. “Younger vineyards are like children, still needing direction. Older vineyards like the block we use for the Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc have lived through many winters and can tell many tales. “For me, it’s like that relative who tells all the best stories at the campfire or dinner table,” he says. … Continue reading New vintage sports Heritage Seal and tells a wild story