Yiayia’s Table in Mowbray

There’s room for everyone at YIAYIA’s TABLE Love, health and family – and perhaps something to tempt the appetite. These are the cornerstones adopted by Elli Parolis, the original yiayia and namesake of YIAYIA’s TABLE. Greek for grandmother, the term yiayia immediately speaks of comfort, of love and ultimately of food. During her 96 years, Elli was mother to 3 children and continued to care for and feed her family (including 5 grand-children and 7 great grand-children) right up until her final days, insisting on cooking up something delicious whenever someone came to visit. Meals were communal, and relished whilst sitting around Elli’s yellow Formica kitchen table – sharing food, laughter and various anecdotes. Paying homage to this beloved matriarch of the Parolis family, YIAYIA’s TABLE delivers the same baked specialities so enjoyed by three generations fortunate enough to eat at Elli’s famed yellow table. Operating out of Mowbray which Elli called home for most of her life, YIAYIA’s TABLE pays homage to this formidable woman’s passion for her family and for the food that she lovingly prepared for them each day. Having run a successful tearoom, butchery and grocer, with her husband Jimmy, from the ground floor of their … Continue reading Yiayia’s Table in Mowbray