The heart-healthy diet to protect your heart

It’s the month of love when everyone will be going the extra mile to show their affection for that special someone in their lives… But how about showing YOUR HEART some love? SA’s leading provider of cardiovascular medicine, Pharma Dynamics, is challenging the public to make heart health a priority, starting this February, which also coincides with Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month. Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says the month has been specifically set aside on the national health calendar to highlight the importance of healthy living through nutrition and regular exercise. “We all know that a healthy, balanced diet is key to a healthier mind and body, yet the message seems to fall on deaf ears.” According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), South Africa, is the unhealthiest population in the world, with those between the ages of 30 and 70 facing a 26% probability of suffering and dying from heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. Jennings also cites a report by Unilever, titled, the Foods Refreshment Report (2020), which revealed that most South Africans eat mainly starch and meat, with very little in the form of vegetables. On average, meat is eaten four times a week, but … Continue reading The heart-healthy diet to protect your heart