Grilled mortadella sandwich with quickled red onions, pesto and mustard mayo

Indulge in a flavour-packed delight with this Grilled Mortadella Sandwich to elevate your lunch! Savoury mortadella meets the smoky embrace of the grill, heightened by the tangy crunch of quickled red onions. As you take a bite, you’ll discover the aromatic dance of pesto, perfectly complemented by the zing of mustard mayo. This isn’t just a sandwich; it’s a culinary adventure that brings together the richness of mortadella and the vibrant condiments, delivering a gratifying symphony for your taste buds. Prepare to savour every moment of this grilled masterpiece. Made this Grilled mortadella sandwich with quickled red onions, pesto, and mustard mayo recipe? Tag us @foodandhomesa #cookingwithFH on Instagram ALSO SEE: Grilled sandwich of BBQ Beef brisket with mayo, gherkins and wild rocket More From FHE:The 20 Best Restaurants in AlbertonRecipe Roundup: Your Top 6 Favourite Recipes from…15 of the Best Emperors Palace RestaurantsWin a copy of “Taste the Little Karoo ” by Beate JoubertWhere to buy sustainable fish in South Africa20 amazing restaurants near PaarlThe ultimate starter “101” guideThe 20 Best Rosebank Restaurants