Cedric the dachshund: A foodie sensation taking social media by storm

February 20, 2024

Move over Gordon Ramsay, there’s a new foodie sensation in town, and he’s not your typical chef. Cedric is the adorable dachshund who’s taking TikTok and Instagram by storm with his foodie adventures.

In a world where food influencers dominate social media feeds, Cedric brings a fresh and furry perspective to the table. With his insatiable appetite for tasty treats, he’s captured the hearts of thousands of followers eager to see what delicious delights he’ll devour next.

From doggie dumplings and dim sums to “pupstickers” and “shish kebarks”… Cedric and his sis, Edith the chihuahua’s meals look like something out of your favourite restaurant’s menu. These aren’t your average kibble and bits that their mom whips up for them. In fact, their treats often gets followers’ mouths watering, too! Today, he boasts with a furtastic 382 000 Instagram followers and millions of views on TikTok.


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Each video is a hit with Cedric’s followers, who shower him with love and praise in the comments section. From emojis to exclamations of “cuteness overload,” it’s clear that Cedric has struck a chord with his adoring fans.

The pet-friendly dishes has become such a hit that fellow pet-lovers can find the recipes (and more) on the online cookbook, Precious Kitchen. It is a haven of drool-worthy foods for your furry friends, with recipes such as “seafood pupella”, “pupcakes”, “eggs benedog” and “barkshouka”. The website also covers various good-to-know info about dog health and pet-safe foods.

Feature image: Precious Kitchen

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