Wonderbag: Celebrates International Women’s Day with new campaign

March 6, 2024

With International Women’s Day approaching on the 8th of March 2024, CEO, and founder of Wonderbag Sarah Collins, introduces a new campaign launching on the 6th of March 2024 where large Wonderbags will retail at R250.00 without delivery.


The purpose of this campaign is to give South Africans hope for a prosperous year, despite the loadshedding crisis and high cost of living. Collins embarks on a mission to ensure that Wonderbags are attainable to all South Africans, especially in this strenuous time.  Wonderbag is a sustainable item inspired by the old cooking practices of heat retention.

When a pot of already boiled or cooked for is placed in the bag, it keeps the food cooked without any additional fuel or electricity sources for up to 12 hours. Wonderbag is Africa’s fastest-growing registered Carbon project, embraced for its social contributions. Wonderbags not only reduce the consumer’s carbon footprint and electricity usage, but their purchase helps global initiatives for those in need of aid.  

The Wonderbag ensures the cutting down of many cooking fuel costs by approximately 70%. After a full year of using your Wonderbag 1.5 tons of carbon emissions are reduced annually. Collins aims that with each purchase thousands of South Africans can save both time and money whilst contributing towards both sustainability and world aid. Wonderbag strives to feed not only stomachs but their souls, with hope.  Celebrate your International Women’s Day with Wonderbag, providing food to those in need. 

 To purchase a Wonderbag and support a good cause, visit www.mywonderbag.co.za  to support a world cause visit https://www.wonderbagworld.com/donate  

 Connect with Wonderbag on: 

 Instagram: @TheWonderbag 

Facebook: Facebook.com/TheWonderbag 

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