Leftover wine? Don’t pop the cork back! Do this instead

If ever you find yourself in a scenario where you’ve got leftover wine, just finish the bottle. We’re kidding! If you need to stow away leftover wine, don’t pop the cork back in the bottle! This viral preservation hack from a professional sommelier & wine educator is a game-changer! Why can’t I pop a cork in it? When you place the cork back on a half-empty bottle of wine, half of the bottle is filled with oxygen. The cork that you pop back on the bottle in an attempt to keep the wine fresh is also porous, which allows for even more oxygen to enter the bottle. If you haven’t gathered, oxygen is not what you want medalling with your wine. Why? Oxygen sparks an oxidation process that destroys complex flavours in your wine, muting aroma, taste, and even colour. What’s the best method to keep my wine fresh, then? For the best preservation method, you want to reduce the oxygen-to-wine ratio. To do this, store your wine in an airtight container, such as a mason jar or kombucha jar. Once you’ve poured your leftover wine into an airtight container, seal it tight and store. This keeps wine fresh for … Continue reading Leftover wine? Don’t pop the cork back! Do this instead