Meet the team

Andrea Pafitis-Hill
Being of half Cypriot descent (with a quarter each of Italian and Scottish blood rounding me off!), good food has always set the backdrop to my life… growing up, I can remember my family discussing what was on the lunch menu while finishing a full English breakfast fry-up! As much as I appreciate the artistry of a 10-course tasting menu, it’s the hearty and honest flavours of bistro-style fare that make for my biggest “Mmm!” moments. And while I am partial to any custard-based dessert, it’s the savoury side on which my scales are weighted… which brings me to my star sign: I’m a Libran through and through – I think it’s my pedantic and indecisive qualities the F&HE team loves most about me. Oh, and my sarcasm too.
Hasmita Amtha
Managing editor
Inspired by lifestyle trends, both locally and internationally, I am a lover of beautiful design and decor, and most importantly: good food! I’m totally obsessed with novels set in India, and find myself drawn to the East, whether it’s in the form of literature, fashion, food or design. Having been in the magazine industry for over seven years, I’m happiest when conceptualising and working on new projects, creating content that will inspire readers to adopt something new in their life. I love honey with my coffee and I can’t live without something sweet.
Anzelle Hattingh
Copy editor
Born and bred in Benoni (just like Charlize!), I’m a mother of two pooches – a rowdy Alsatian cross, Snowy, a placid Basset called Sam – and the feline boss of the house, Kiara. My favourite pastimes include spending time with people who make me laugh from the deepest, darkest pits of my stomach, savouring scrumptious sustenance, sipping blanc de noir and road-tripping cross-country. I believe that life is too short to not live every second in overdrive.
Samantha Lewis
Art director
I’m mommy to four adorable fur “kids”, who make me smile every day. I’m passionate about great design, clever typography and beautiful photography – so I’m thrilled to work on F&HE (with the added bonus of looking at and smelling food all day!). My favourite food is probably Greek food – I love a variety of different flavours, so meze and a selection of seafood make me happy.
Daniela Hatton-Jones
I’m wife to an amazing, supportive husband and mom to a beautiful (and extremely busy) 2-year-old little girl. My family means absolutely everything to me. I come from a foodie family. With an Italian father (also cheesemaker), I grew up knowing good food and I’ve always loved being in the kitchen and having big family meals around the table. I have a passion for all types of design, but my inclination for magazines is always at the top.
Claire Ferrandi
Food editor
With a passion for fuss-free, effortless cooking, I love nothing more than dreaming up recipes that are a joy to make. My first love is food styling, and creating foodie images that are beautiful to look at. My ultimate meal would be simple sharing platters of punchy flavours, eaten outdoors on a warm, still day; under trees; with an icy glass of bubbly in hand.
Nomvuselelo Mncube
Cooking assistant
I have a bubbly personality, always wear a smile, I’m kind and loving and love a good joke. I’ve been with Caxton for 6 years and thoroughly enjoy my role within the F&HE team. I relish each and every recipe we make in our lovely kitchen – they hardly ever disappoint I find it thrilling to constantly try new things as a cook. I often end up creating recipes I never planned – by mixing and matching and playing with different ingredients, the result can be something entirely unexpected… and tasty!
Imka Webb
Digital editor
With a passion for food and the digital world, I couldn’t believe my luck when I landed with my butt in the proverbial butter! Being raised on pampoenkoekies and melktert, I soon realised that my love for good food will forever be a huge part of my life. I get to do what I love every day – spending my days celebrating delicious food, sorting through 1 000s of mouth-watering recipes, digital strategies and so much more… Nothing makes me happier than celebrating life around a table with great friends and family, sipping on a glass of wine and indulging in the season’s best produce.
Virginia Boshoff
Digital intern
“Will there be food?” my standard response when told to go anywhere, anytime, for anything. And really, why would you do anything else when you can eat, drink, and be merry instead? Or in my case – eat, drink, and then eat some more because “full” is just a state of mind and one more cupcake is never a bad idea. There’s nothing like digital work to build up an intense culinary wanderlust as you scroll through thousands of images that may or may not result in drool on some part of the hardware. Neither my self-control, nor my sweet tooth is experiencing much regulation here; content is uploaded in between munching on something golden and flaky that might be terrible for my cholesterol, but is amazing for my soul.
Zerilda Nel
Office manager
I grew up in an Afrikaans household. A single mother of a 23-year-old son at university with a wonderful mom as support. I love being in nature, my cats (I have 2), soulful music and good films, reading and I try to be more crafty (I’m still trying). My love of food started as a young girl, cooking with my mother (who is a great cook, by the way). My favourite food include pizza, ice cream, and I’ll never say “no” to traditional Afrikaans dishes.

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