• Chef Kuan is here to impress!

    From the mind of culinary genius Chef Kuan Lai comes Kuan Kitchen Club, a masterful concept designed to bring authentic Asian cuisine right to your doorstep. Offering a range of services, Kuan Kitchen Club aims to delight your tastebuds with wonderful flavours from the Orient!

    Eat with Chef Kuan

    Not everyone can create quality Asian dishes. Chef Kuan Lai, however, is at the top of his field and luckily for us, he will be hosting a private dining experience in Cape Town!

    What you’ll get:

    • Chef Kuan’s Signature’s Private Chef unique dining experience
    • A Jo Malone gift voucher
    • Valid for up to 12 people

    The menu

    • Peking Duck & Dimsum
    • Japanese Hibachi & Sukiyaki
    • Sashimi On Wheel & Tokyo Sushi Ice Cream Van

    The private lesson with Chef Kuan

    You’re a sucker for Asian cuisine – and your friends are too. So, do you have 11 people in mind who can join in on this one-of-a-kind experience? Upon selection of a venue of your choice, Chef Kuan will grace you with his presence and teach you the ins and outs of the theme menu on offer.

    The buffet setup will be provided by Kuan Kitchen Klub, along with the necessary tableware and utensils. After purchasing this offer and confirming the venue, all you have to do is show up. There is a limited amount of vouchers available – so, get yours today!

    Book now

    Book for this incredible experience now on Daddy’s Deals!

    About the chef

    He is passionate about cooking and describes food as his world. “Through cooking and travel, I have discovered the beauty of others’ culture through their cuisine”. His culinary journey has inspired others and, in turn, inspired the compilation of his very own cookbook.

    Read more about him and his dining experience on TakeAChef!


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    Fatima is the editor of Food&Home. Trained in English Literature and recipe development, she can be found eating her way through Cape Town armed with a cookbook in her bag and her camera at the ready.