Newness at Woolworths

June 3, 2022

The innovative Woolworths kitchen has been at it once again!  With a smorgasbord of new offerings now available, it’s no wonder that Woolies is known for their variety of quality food above all else. Whether it’s an extension of an existing range or something completely fresh and exciting, we can’t wait to introduce you to a flavour experience like no other with this latest batch of newness!


This selection of mini meals are as moreish as they are good for you! Containing chicken, beef, or lamb meatballs and a creamy vegetable mash that doubles up as one of your 5 a day, satisfy your hunger in one healthy, microwaveable, and delicious meal. Choose between Chicken Meat Balls with a Carrot Mash and Red Pepper Pesto, Beef Meatballs with a Cauliflower Mash and Basil Pesto, Beef and Vegetable Meatballs with a Napoletana Sauce, and Lamb Meatballs with Butterbean Mash and Harissa Sauce.



Enjoy mindful treating with their raw range of vegan Cocoa Dusted Almonds, Cranberries, and Seed Mix. Each tasty morsel is made in small batches, dusted gently in responsibly sourced cocoa, and sweetened with coconut sugar to allow you a guilt-free treat that’ll never compromise on taste!


The proof of Woolies’ exceptional commitment to knockout food really is in the pudding! And which one will you be going for? New to their tartlets range is the choice between 6 Caramel Mint Tartlets featuring shortcrust pastry filled with mint infused chocolate ganache and all butter caramel icing, or 6 Indulgent Chocolate & Nut Tartlets with a selection of dark chocolate and hazelnut, and white chocolate and macadamia tartlets, each with a truffle filling.

Woolworths New Tarts


Everything’s better when it’s mini, especially when it comes to ice cream! Cue our mini cone selection; made locally using real dairy ice cream and responsibly sourced cocoa, these adorable light bites come in the flavours of Malt, and Strawberry and Vanilla, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth, no matter the size of your craving!

Woolworths ice cream


What’s better than one cookie? Two, of course, and bonus points if they’re sandwiched! Well, bonus points it is then for our lemon and hazelnut sandwich cookies. Take your pick between a luscious Lemon Flavoured Cookie with a zesty lemon flavoured filling, and our heavenly Hazelnut Cookies with a creamy vanilla flavoured filling.



Nothing finishes up a Woolies culinary feast like a hot cup of java, and they’ve got the beans to make it barista-worthy. The WCafe Classic Coffee Beans, Gold Blend Coffee Beans, and Organic All African Decaf Espresso Cafe Blend Beans use only 100% Arabica coffee beans and are blended to our special recipe. Roasted to perfection, ready to grind for everyday use, these coffee blends have been carefully selected from Central, South America, and Africa to bring about exceptional and vibrant characteristics to your coffee, perfect for any time of the day.

All products will be available in store from 20 June 2022. Try them out at selected Woolworths stores, or visit






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