• When Deborah Good couldn’t find a sweetener on the market that truly replaced sugar, she decided to create one herself.

    The journey to creating Freesweet started five years ago, with sugar-free syrups created for iwantmycoffee – a KZN-based coffee shop owned by Deborah and her partner, Ard Matthews (from Just Jinjer fame). This venture led to Deborah producing sugar-free vodka coolers called Skinnylove but, by the time Skinnylove was market-ready, Deborah realised that none of the sweeteners used really hit the mark as a standalone replacement for sugar.

    “I found that all the alternatives had their downsides and limitations. They were just not delightful,” Deborah says. “Everything that I came across – and I imported ingredients from across the globe – didn’t perform well or taste quite right. There really was nothing I was completely satisfied with.”

    She adds, “My objective was to create an entirely new offering in the category of natural sweeteners – one that has health benefits when used responsibly and also addresses the negative issues that producers of artificial and other natural sweeteners are not getting right.”

    Her creation proved to be a great success and a partnership with Grant Rushmere – founder of Bos Ice Tea and now CEO of Freesweet – followed, as well as a joint venture partnership with Pioneer Foods.


    • 0 g carbs per teaspoon, low kilojoule
    • No artificial ingredients
    • Delicious sweetness with no bitter aftertaste
    • Bakes and caramelises beautifully
    • Replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio, in any recipe
    • Diabetic friendly, endorsed by Diabetes South Africa • Low glycaemic response – GI of 3 (sugar, 65)
    • May assist weight loss
    • GMO free

    For more information, go to the Freesweet website.

    Facebook: @freesweetco

    Instagram: @freesweetco