• Chocolate-covered naartjies

    Serves: Makes 20 – 30 slices
    Total Time: 40 mins + overnight drying of naartjies


    • 6 – 7 ripe orange naartjies, preferably organic
    • 500g 70% dark chocolate, preferably organic



    Slices your fresh naartjies into 5 or 6 slices about 5mm wide. Set the oven to low, as you would for drying rusks, place the naartjies on a metal rack inside a baking dish and leave in the oven overnight to dry. Alternatively, put in a dehydrating machine. Remove the naartjies and leave to cool so that the slices are firm and crisp.


    Break up your chocolate and place in a double boiler. (You can put them into a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water but make sure the glass is not touching the water, otherwise the chocolate will thicken.) Gently melt the chocolate, constantly stirring to make sure it does not thicken.


    Once the chocolate has melted, dip the naartjies into the chocolate immediately. You can either fully dip or half dip the naartjies. Half dipping leaves some lovely orange colour to the chocolates. Place on a baking sheet to dry.


    Store the naartjies in an air-tight container. Home-made chocolate naartjies will last for about 3 – 4 days before the chocolate may begin to discolour.