Don’t sweat the small stuff while you do business!

September 3, 2019

Running your own business requires focus, drive and dedication. When starting out small, businesses don’t always have enough staff to handle all their admin. Knowing where you can get the help you need, fast, can put you on the road to success.

MiWay’s MiBusinessAssist is a business support service like no other! As part of their comprehensive business insurance cover, MiWay goes the extra mile to help your start-up succeed by taking care of the little things. Did we mention that they also reduce unnecessary operational costs?

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  • Marketing – Not everyone is a marketing expert, which is why MiBusinessAssist can help you set up a Facebook page for your business, design a logo, start a website and even launch a direct email-marketing campaign.
  • IT helpdesk – Past “switch it off, switch it on again”? Let MiWay’s IT experts provide you with 24/7 support on your business-related IT issues. This includes troubleshooting, maintaining websites, software support and also system support.
  • Office assistance – Now you can have a PA around the clock to procure goods and services at competitive rates, arrange your bookings and perform telephonic PA services.
  • Legal advice – If you need some legal advice, standard legal documents or a 30-minute consultation (per matter) with a lawyer, look no further. MiBusinessAssist offers access to qualified lawyers, advocates and legal consultants 24/7.

MiWay understands that your business is unique and that is why they offer comprehensive cover to suit your business needs and your pocket.

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Live your way.

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