• With a focus on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, LA Farms offers premium meat, vegetables, stone-ground flour and raw honey from its West Coast farm directly to its new store in Main Road, Greenpoint.

    LA Farms began as an online venture and this next phase as a butchery, deli and eatery will introduce a wider audience to the brand’s quality meat and deli products and allow customers to enjoy a more immersive experience of its ethos.

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    A dedicated meat counter where customers can select special and prime cuts, biltong, award-winning salami, chorizo, and pastrami, and even order specialty and organ meats highly nutritious organised meats, caters to a discerning culinary audience. Similarly, the eat-in menu showcases, and allows customers the opportunity to taste the farm’s superior meat offering – ranging from certified Wagyu, and grass-fed Angus to free-range Lamb.

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    Photo: LA Farms: Facebook

    ‘We are pleased to be able to transition into a physical space,’ says Harun Moreira, the brand co-founder. ‘It’s allowed us to expand on our Farm-to-Table concept, with weekly deliveries of meat and organic vegetables directly from our farm.’

    What truly makes this enterprise unique is its approach to fostering a diverse and harmonious ecosystem where a variety of plants and animals coexist and thrive together. Ranchers use horses to gently guide their sheep and cattle, ensuring that these animals remain calm and close to nature, while calves and lambs are allowed to grow up naturally alongside their mothers. The farm’s resident bees play a crucial role in pollinating plants and producing raw honey, while cattle roam freely through the indigenous fynbos and along the beaches, enriching the wheat fields they graze upon.

    This commitment to treating the animals and land with care can be seen in every aspect of the end product from the quality of the produce to the no-waste ethos heralded by deli items such as immune boosting tallow and fresh bone broth that is made in-house twice a week.

    la farms
    Photo: LA Farms/Facebook

    In line with the principles of a conscious lifestyle the brand collaborates with like-minded farmers, makers and growers. This includes organic certified vegetables sourced from Valota Farms in Philippi and partnering with nearby dairy suppliers.

    The eatery brings the farm offering to life. Informed and inspired by its overarching food philosophy, the menu puts a creative spin on much-loved classics, with wellness and health always in mind in addition to quality and flavour. The range of breakfast and lunch choices include a Wagyu macon and egg sandwich on sourdough, accompanied by farm-fresh butter and a choice of sauerkraut or seasonal pickles. There are also classics like burgers and steaks, but with a focus on protein-rich and gut friendly with meals complemented by seasonal organic vegetables.

    Beyond the produce, LA Farms strives to have a low environmental impact, and this comes through in the design of the new space – which has been carefully considered to reuse and repurpose fixtures and use materials that are sustainability made.

    ‘It is very important to us that the LA Farms butchery, deli and eatery brings our core Farm-to-Table offering to life,’ adds Harun. ‘We look forward to telling the LA Farms story, and sharing our produce with new and existing customers.’

    LA Farms is located at 105 Main Road, Greenpoint. For more information phone 021 434 1111 or visit their website

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    Written by Murray Swart for Cape Etc.

    Feature image: LA Farms/Facebook