• Cape Town is in for a  treat as Grub & Vine proudly unveils its second restaurant, Grub & Vine Norval. Tucked away in the heart of the Constantia wine valley at the esteemed Norval Foundation, this culinary sensation is poised to redefine the dining experience.

    Get ready for a sensory journey that celebrates the confluence of art, fine wine, and exquisite cuisine. Chef Patron and Grub & Vine director, Matt Manning, emphasises, “We believe in the beautiful synergy between all three; our vision is for our guests to feel it too.” This dynamic partnership with the Norval Foundation, a curator of African visual art, promises a unique fusion of artistic expression and culinary delight.

    Grub & Vine
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    Diners at Grub & Vine Norval will be spellbound by a diverse bistro-style menu, thoughtfully paired with an extensive wine list showcasing the finest South African vintages and curated global selections.

    The restaurant’s elegant yet relaxed ambiance, crafted by Monya Eastman, effortlessly blends rich colours and captivating textures with the architecture of the Norval building. An open-plan kitchen and a 16-seat Chef’s Table offer an up-close view of culinary artistry. The Grub & Vine bar provides sweeping garden views, while the expansive outdoor deck promises al fresco dining during sunny months.

    Grub & Vine
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    Mark your calendars for the grand opening on 30 November. The artistic and culinary escapades that await promise to be a sensory delight, shaping a dining haven where art, food, wine, and culture harmoniously converge. Secure your table to experience this culinary masterpiece in the making.

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