Quick ideas for kitchen counter decor

September 21, 2022 (Last Updated: September 20, 2022)

Kitchen counters are an opportunity and a pain. They offer a great space for adding an important splash of style to your kitchen, but doing it without making it look cluttered is tough. Here are some tips to get you on your way to cozy, tidy counter decor.

Serving trays

Placing a tray underneath other objects is a simple and effective way to bring a counter to life. They’re also the perfect way to make corners more appealing. If you need some inspiration, @Home has some fabulous options.

Trays are a solution to nooks, crannies and corners

Add jars

Storing anything in a glass jar makes it look better. Cereals, washing powder, sugar, you name it – putting it in a jar means you can finally use your counter top for storage making it look like decor instead. They’re cheap and can even be found on your next run to Checkers.

Glass jars turn storage into style

Expose the utensils

Take the utensils out of the drawer and keep them up top in a beautiful jar or vase. Spatulas, egg lifters and whisks are an easy way to combine style and functionality because they’re easier to access and it opens up valuable drawer space. This one from Mr Price Home is a chic, affordable example.

Utensils can be functional and pretty

Invest in salt and pepper containers

Just because salt and pepper are useful doesn’t mean they can’t also be nice to look at. Splurge on a pleasing container for them and add them  to your counter tops. Pepper Mills for Africa has some locally made, beautifully handcrafted sets for order here.

Good salt & pepper shakers are worth the buy!

Upgrade soap dispensers

Pretty soap dispensers next to the kitchen sink make a big difference to your counter top. They’re also better for the environment when you buy refills instead of new plastic soap bottles. Takealot has almost too many to choose from, like these.

Glass is better, always!


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