• The vibrant hues of oranges, red, yellow and brown leaves during the autumn season are truly a sight to behold as the leaves display a beautiful array of colours.

    As a natural cycle of nature, the trees will shed their leaves which will eventually fall to the ground.  Many may regard these fallen leaves as a burden to their maintenance tasks. However, these leaves can be surprising  useful in the garden to provide you with great outcome and growth for Spring season.


    Some tips from GARDENA to put these leaves to good use.


    Use the leaves as compost

    Autumn leaves are indeed a valuable resource for composting, providing essential high carbon material.  To create a successful compost, simply layer the leaves with green materials like fruit and vegetable scraps and grass clippings. Allow the compost to sit during the winter, aerating it by turning it over occasionally. This process will help create nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Collect leaves the easy way using the GARDENA leaf and lawn collector – no bending, no dirty hands! Simply push the leaf collector along the lawn surface allowing the rollers to trap the leaves into the large collection bag.


    Use the leaves as organic mulch


    Shredding autumn leaves before using them as mulch is indeed a great way to prevent them from getting blown around.  Applying a deep layer of shredded leaves on flower beds can help with moisture retention, weed control and soil temperature.  As the shredded leaves break-down, they will release nutrients into the soil, benefiting your plants. For this task consider using the GARDENA Power for All PowerJet Blower, making leaf collection easy and effortless. This battery operated cordless tool also offers the added convenience of freely moving around the garden, so no messy power cables.


    Use the leaves to make leaf mould

    Leaf mould as knows as leaf compost is indeed a fantastic resource for improving soil health, texture and properties.  To create leaf mould, collect the fallen leaves and place in a well-ventilated storage area for a period of a year. Tip: consider shredding them for accelerated decomposition.  Remember to turn the pile a few times over the course of the year to allow for proper decomposition.  This process will result in nutrient-rich leaf compost that will greatly benefit your soil.  For all types of raking, GARDENA offers a range of leaf rakes from their combisystem range which can be easily interchanged using the universal handle. Easy for different applications and easy to store.


    Mow the leaves onto the lawn

    Mowing leaves over the lawn instead of raking them can indeed be beneficial for the soil.  The shredded leaves and grass clippings provide a good balance of carbon and nitrogen, which are essential nutrients for the soil.  Allow them to break down over the winter will enrich the soil and come Spring, the nutrients will have been deposited, promoting healthy growth for your lawn.


    Autumn leaves can indeed be a valuable resource for gardeners, offering a safe and all-natural way to hence your garden for the upcoming Spring season.  They are easy to work with, environmentally friendly, and best of all, FREE!.  Allowing the autumn leaves to work their magic in your garden can provide numerous benefits for both your plants and your lawn.  It is sustainable and cost-effective way to improve your garden’s health and vitality.

    Raking, blowing, collecting, storing leaf can be difficult if you are not using the correct tools.  GARDENA’s range of autumn tools allow you to execute these tasks with ease.

    The mobile cart is especially designed to collect and carry leaves and garden debris up to 70kg.



    Autumn gardening tips from gardena

    • Trim and prune plants and hedges
    • Plant Spring flowering bulbs
    • Rake up leaves and create compost heaps or mulch
    • Divide perennials
    • Fertilise and treat your lawn
    • Plant new trees and shrubs
    • Treat, feed and protect Citrus trees
    • Reset your water control to reduce irrigation
    • Remove weeds

    For more information on the GARDENA range and general gardening tips, visit www.gardena.com

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