10 reasons why you’ll love our Autumn 2024 issue

March 4, 2024
autumn issue

Our Autumn issue has hit the shelves! We’ve got loads of delicious meals, tips and more stacked between the pages of this issue. Here are ten reasons why you need to get your hands on a copy!

autumn issue

Win a dream hamper worth more than 37 500!

One lucky person stands the chance to win a hamper including getaways, vouchers and more to the value of over R37 500!

Celebration essentials

We’ve got a delicious round-up of recipes for every occasion, from Easter to Ramadan.

For the garden

As temperatures drop, your garden can fall victim to various damaging pests and diseases. Our garden guru provides tips to prevent or remove problems and protect your plants. Plus beautiful autumn-blooming plants to add to your garden this time of the year.

What’s in a colour?

The colour of your home’s walls is much more important than you think…

We visit Lila Lerie from A Big Tasty Bite

Heading up one of South Africa’s most popular food blogs is Lila Lerie. We find out how a decades-long love for food was brought to life.

Lost recipes

On the menu: waterblommetjiebredie and milk tart!

Must-visit eateries

As the seasons change and we usher in the cooler weather, families are on the hunt for cosy spots with a little something for everyone. We list our top picks of kid-friendly restaurants that set the stage for a season filled with the simple pleasure of breaking bread with loved ones. Readers can also explore some of South Africa’s halaal dining gems for an unforgettable Ramadan celebration.

On the drinks menu

Creamy, dreamy drinks.

Health is wealth

You may have heard the term ‘farmacy’, but what does it mean? We can heal or destroy our bodies with what we put in our mouths (or what we don’t).

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