• As we head into Easter, it’s the last few days to make the most of the warm days and cool evenings by spending time outdoors.

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    GARDENA has the perfect décor solution to brighten up your patio and garden space with the ClickUp! System.

    ClickUp! is a versatile system that allows interchangeable décor elements to be used for different occasions. The range includes decorative elements for every season: from a stylish flower bowl for spring to an elegant windlight for cool autumn evenings.

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    Extremely practical innovative designed to exchange with just one click – easy and effortless!  All elements can be used on a ClickUp! handle giving you the flexibilty to place anywhere in your garden.

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    Now for further convenience, if you are spending times on your balcony or terrace, BalconyClamp is designed to use the ClickUp! elements in this space.

    Majority of insects, in particular bees start looking for cover at the start of autumn, in order to survive the winter.  Beneficial insects help pollinate, reduce pests, and increase biodiversity. With the nesting aid from the GARDENA ClickUp! Insect Hotel , several insects can be housed – two rooms for endangered wild bees and one each for butterflies and ladybugs,  contributing to the preservation of indigenous diversity of species.

    The GARDENA ClickUp! BirdFeeder is a modern bird feeder, specially developed to attract feathered guests with a small garden restaurant. The interplay between the attractive, stylish design and your bird guests is a delightful sight. The covered feed dispenser is made of highly transparent acrylic glass (PMMA material), making it dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. This feeding station is a great eye-catcher in your garden.

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    Autumn and winter are the perfect time to add warming light sources to gardens and balconies.

    In the darker half of the year, torches add a real flair to the garden. A little firelight adds a warming glow to cool autumn evenings and cooler surroundings, creating an inviting atmosphere for socialising.

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    The GARDENA ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system

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