• Kauai’s 200th South African store has opened and it’s at the city’s V&A Waterfront. Kauai was the first quick-service restaurant to serve smoothies to South Africans in 1995. Now they sell more than 7 million smoothies a year.

    Kauai has always focused on healthy eating and wellness, serving fresh and natural food. Kauai’s menu includes more than 100 superfoods and is 80% customisable to be plant-based or protein-rich.

    The brand has been expanded globally, appearing in markets such as the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand, Namibia, Botswana and soon Australia.

    Dean Kowarski, Global CEO of Virgin Active, Kauai and NU, says, ‘Opening our 200th store in South Africa is a testament to South Africans seeking healthier food choices.’

    ‘At Kauai healthy eating is in our DNA – enjoying fresh, natural, delicious whole foods with plenty of fruit and veggies that support your immune system and improve your overall health is our purpose. We only make fresh, healthy, natural food to order which is a model unlike any other quick service chain.’

    Kauai Smoothie & Wrap
    Photo: Uber Eats

    Kauai’s stylish, thoughtful design also makes it easily replicable across many store formats, allowing the brand to take place in various locations: shopping malls, gyms and on the street.

    The staff at Kauai are known to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the produce and food on offer.

    In line with the brand’s wellness values, Kauai has been committed to sustainability throughout its existence. They have been offering free-range eggs and chicken for years, as well as grass-fed whey protein.

    They are working towards 0% food waste and the elimination of single-use plastics in production processes. Kauai is busy working with suppliers to ensure that takeaway packaging is made from recycled or compostable materials.

    Kauai is also leading the charge in digital platforms, with Kowarski explaining, ‘Through our digital platforms, we provide our customers with an enhanced brand experience.’

    ‘Ordering ahead, rewarding with cash back, surprising our customers with subscriptions, tiered benefits and gamification are just some of the experiences on our app ensuring we can keep growing brand value to our consumers.’

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    Written by:ules Keohane for Cape Etc

    Feature image: Supplied to Cape Etc