• Making gifts by hand is a cost-effective way to show your loved ones how much you care this festive season. Here, we’ve put together some ideas for thoughtful DIY gifts that you can make for friends and family this Christmas.

    Homemade cookies

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    Put together a box of iced Christmas cookies, shortbread stars, or just a selection of your favourites as a gift for friends or family. Add some extra festive feeling to the box by wrapping the cookies in red and white ribbon and putting some Christmas chocolates or candy canes amongst the biscuits in the box.

    Handmade candles

    Reuse old glass jars or tea cups by making unique candles for your friends and family. Simply buy candle wicks and your wax of choice (you could even make scented candles by mixing the wax with essential oils),  and then decorate the candles according to your preference.

    Salt dough ornaments

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    Salt dough ornaments are eco-friendly, easy to make and perfect for showing someone that you care. To make salt dough, simply mix together 1 cup of salt, 4 cups of flour and 1 and a half cups of warm water (adjusting the ingredient ratios depending on how much dough you need). Once you have formed the dough into your desired shapes, bake it at 150°C for about an hour (or until dry).

    Hot chocolate reindeer

    These adorable DIY gifts are perfect for the festive season! Simply fill a see-through plastic piping bag with hot chocolate powder, followed by a layer of chocolate chips and then a layer of mini marshmallows. Tie the bag closed with some ribbon, then decorate with pipe-cleaner ‘antlers’, eyes and a mini red pom-pom for the nose. Try this tutorial.

    Gin infusions

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    For a friend who loves trying new gin types and combinations, a collection of different infusions is a great idea for a gift. Some infusions that you might want to include are (dried) rose petals, lavender, hibiscus or chamomile. Fruits you might like to add are (dried) orange or lemon slices, cranberries or dehydrated grapefruit. There are also spices like pink peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, star anise and crystallised ginger that would be great in an infusions kit.

    Baking kits

    Fill up a jar with all the dry ingredients that someone will need for a delicious baked good. By doing this, not only are you gifting a delicious treat but also a fun activity. Tie a festive ribbon around the jar, and don’t forget to attach a tag with the recipe and instructions! Some great ideas for baking kits are brownies, Christmas cake, or chocolate chip cookies.

    Homemade body scrub

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    Sugar scrub is ridiculously easy to make and super customisable, making it the perfect self-care DIY gift. Check out this article for a base recipe and ideas for different scents and variations so that you can completely tailor the sugar scrub to its recipient.

    DIY planter

    With a plain ceramic planter and some clay, you can create a gorgeous, unique gift that your loved one will cherish! Check out this tutorial on how to make a rainbow petal planter for an idea on how to DIY a planter, but remember that you can be as creative as you like!

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    Featured Image: Samuel Holt via Unsplash