• Gigantic dolerite pillars of up to 120 meters are one of the famous features of the Camdeboo National Park. In fact, an estimated 100 000 people experience the splendour of it every year when they visit the Valley of Desolation.

    This national park is unique as it surrounds the town of Graaff-Reinet with the Nqweba Dam as central feature. This, of course, contributes to the number of activities to keep you occupied during your visit. Activities include fishing, boating, canoeing and windsurfing. The water also attracts a number of bird species and wildlife. Buffalo, gemsbok, black wildebeest, and springbok are are often seen within the boundaries of the park. As a result, the tally for birds spotted in the park have reached almost 250 different species. Some of the most common ones are the Namaqua dove, Diederik cuckoo, brownhooded kingfisher, neddicky and the cardinal woodpecker.

    Leopard tortoise

    Where can I stay in the Camdeboo National Park?

    The accommodation options available within the park are limited and are perfect for those that want to enjoy time away from the town. There is a rustic, fully furnished tented camp (four tents) with a well-equipped communal kitchen to cater for all your needs. Furthermore, the park also boasts with fifteen camping sites able to accommodate those with caravans or tents.

    Springbuck at Camdeboo National Park

    Where can I hike at the Camdeboo National Park?

    Explore the beauty of the area on foot. You can experience a number of hiking trails, ranging from 1,5km to 14km, in the park. You can choose between six different picnic spots for some relaxing and quality time while there are one of two trails available to explore the vast Karoo landscapes for the 4×4 enthusiasts.

    Vervet monkeys at Camdeboo National Park

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