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February 21, 2022

Did you know that February 19th was World Eat for Good Day?

Popular food brand, Knorr, took it upon themselves to help South Africans to understand that by taking small steps into their food choices, showing them that they can make a positive impact on the safety of the planet and be able to work towards addressing this predicted global phenomenon of food shortage.

By 2050 the world population is predicted to increase to almost ten billion people whom we must nourish on a planet of finite resources. It is well documented that to do this we need to transform our global food system – from the way we farm and fish to what we choose to eat. It is a complex task, and if we are to deliver nutritious food to all, everyone needs to play a part in making the food system more sustainable. Large-scale, practical solutions are essential to make the required changes.

They reimaged the world’s most loved dish ‘pizza’ making it planet friendlier with a simple swap that is good for people and planet. The global food brand is using plant-based ingredients from its Future50 list of foods to encourage the South African population to adapt to better eating habits. Knorr developed the planet-friendlier pizza to show the world how easy it is to make delicious swaps in everyday meals that can decrease our environmental impact while increasing nutritional value. The launch of the planet friendlier pizza is part of Knorr’s commitment to getting food that is good for people and the planet on seven billion plates by 2025.

Why this is important

Currently, our food system is a key contributor to climate change, species loss, drought and soil damage. We need to prioritise the transformation of our food system; from the way we farm and fish to what we choose to eat. Food is also the strongest lever to maximise human and planetary health on Earth. 75% of the global food supply comes from just 12 plants and 5 animal species. Farming of this limited range of crops can be harmful to our fragile natural eco-system. Eating a wider variety of foods helps safeguard the future of food while providing more nutrients.

I’m an optimist at heart. I truly believe that we can, we should and will make this world a better place. In the same breath I also don’t believe in trying to do EVERYTHING, or NOTHING but rather doing SOMETHING. This is why I think that what Knorr and World Eat For Good say is such a small change that can make such a massive impact. How? Well, it’s as easy as making a few food choices that includes a few swaps for some delicious vegetables! I’m going on this journey and I think you should too.” Adds J’something, award-winning artist, cook, guitarist and vocalist.

As part of the World Eat for Good Day, planet friendlier pizza launch, Knorr has partnered with South African celebrities and chefs, J’Something, Mpoomy Ledwaba, Chef Daniel Mbombi, Chef Lentswe Bhengu, Chef Katlego Mlambo, Chef Luyanda Mafanya and Eativists to show South Africa how easy it is to prepare this nutritious planet friendlier pizza in the comforts of their homes.

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