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Lamb knuckle and apricot stew

Lamb knuckle and apricot stew

Hearty and meaty – this lamb knuckle and apricot stew is perfect for the colder winter months. Make it for Sunday lunch and have enough leftovers for Monday too!…


Kleftiko means “stolen” and the origins of this dish go back to the early days of the Greek freedom fighters who lived in the mountains. They had to prepare…

Comforting lamb ragout recipe

Comforting lamb ragout

We’re easing into the autumn months with this hearty favourite. You simply cannot go wrong with a delicious ragout and this lamb ragout is perfect for colder evenings. Use…

Shepherd’s pie

Shepherd’s pie

Don’t follow the herd; follow master chef RUDI LIEBENBERG’s simple steps to a robust country classic. Photograph by JAN BOTHA Shepherd’s pie is a traditional British meat pie with…

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