• Have you noticed how we all flock home over the holidays? Children, aunts, uncles, Gogos and Oupas all gather to celebrate the time off. And what better way to make them feel super welcome than to serve a delicious, aromatic curry?

    Whether it is Easter, Freedom Day or New Year’s Eve, family and friends come together to share the closeness and warmth of your home – and the food for which you are so well known! But what to serve, you may think. Wonder no more, for you already know the answer!

    An aromatic curry is always the best option. With Rajah Medium Curry Powder at hand, it is quick and easy. Simply follow the packaging instructions!

    Think carefully about what meat or vegetables those who have been lucky enough to have been invited may prefer. Should you serve a robust beef curry or rather a creamy chicken option? Or, if payday is long forgotten, how about a delicious tripe dish or a plant-based protein like dried red beans soaked in water overnight.

    The remarkable thing about cooking curry is that you do not have to fork out big bucks to buy the most expensive cuts of meat, or the fanciest of vegetables. The curry dish will work its magic no matter what you choose to put in it. Just make sure you allow enough time to cook less tender pieces of meat for longer! Follow the instructions on the recipes or simply test the meat with a fork to make sure it is soft, tender and falls off the bone.

    An even better idea is to cook the main course the day before, let it cool to room temperature and store it in the fridge overnight. Not only will this allow the spices to blend beautifully and give it that extra delicious flavour, it will also ensure that you can have an easy start to the next day.

    Remember, it is always better to receive your guests when you are calm and collected and not in a state of stress to get everything done in time before the doorbell rings. So, just relax, and have fun once the hard work is done!