• The Cheff prides itself on developing ingredients that are not only weird and wonderful, but that also make the ordinary extraordinary by balancing the perfect amount of original flavours with those that are already familiar.

    The fine food ingredients brand was established in 2019 by its passionate founder, Sarah Gray. Her close on two decades of experience in food development and distribution is infused into The Cheff’s diverse offerings – from gourmet spice blends to freeze-dried berries and cherries.

    Try their gourmet blends to bring a professional flair to your pantry – it’s completely uncut and gluten-free!

    The Cheff’s gourmet blends include, but are not limited to:

    The 7 Deadly Spices

    The Cheff 7 deadly spices

    FOOD TEAM TIP: Use Gluttony to enrich red meat, Lust with seafood or chicken, and Pride to spice up your roasted vegetables. 

    Coarse Grinders

    The Cheff Naartjie Grinder

    Freeze-dried fruity goodness

    The Cheff Freeze Dried Strawberries

    Freeze dried fruits are perfect as a healthy snack, to add sweetness to dishes, and in baking. You can use freeze-dried fruit in smoothies and shakes to add a smoother texture.

    The Cheff’s range of freeze dried fruits include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and sour cherries. Their frozen texture adds thickness and coldness to blended drinks without watering them down with ice.


    The Cheff Flavour Drops Burnt toffee

    Exotic beverages are all the craze these days and at The Cheff, you can always expect a twist! If you desire new, fun and exotic flavour creations and enjoyment, then you’ll love their weird and wonderful array of products. Their team went beyond the norm to create extra-ordinary drinkology offerings that will zhuzh up your drinks.

    The Cheff’s drinkology products include, but are not limited to: