• Daily Dish is a dinner box service that aims to make cooking easy, fun and delicious whilst providing you with fresh, quality ingredients.

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    We spent the week cooking up a Daily Dish storm and we’re here to let you know a little bit about how it all works!

    If you’re interested in:

    • original, healthy and nutritious meals
    • pre-portioned (no waste!) and packaged ingredients, all labeled
    • easy follow along recipe cards with an image of the dish to guide you
    • minimising the time spent organising and buying food
    • and affordable competitive prices

    then Daily Dish is definitely for you.

    The Daily Dish details

    Choose from the following categories:

    • Family – Kid friendly dinners for busy families.
    • Value – The most cost-effective dishes from Daily Dish’s other four plans.
    • Carb-conscious – Specially designed to remove refined carbs, and increased amount of vegetables.
    • Vegetarian – Well-balanced and nutritious meat-free dinners, suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians.
    • or Express – Made in 30 minutes or less.

    As well as the number you’d like them to serve

    • 1 person
    • 2 people
    • or 4 people

    And whether you’d like

    • 3 meals a week
    • or 4 meals a week

    Once you’ve chosen your preferred options, you can then place your order before 11am on a Wednesday for a food delivery the following Monday. Within your subscription box (e.g Carb conscious etc) you can then swap meals around and choose the four you would like to receive in your dinner box kit for the week. You can choose from up to 20 different meals which change weekly. If you’re interested in looking at their dinner box meal plans, click here.


    All you need to do is enter your details and pay, then sit tight for your delivery. Daily Dish has a super straightforward website that helps you every step of the way and answers a lot of the questions you may have right now, if you’re interested in looking at their FAQ’s, click here.  Delivery runs throughout the Western Cape and Gauteng. Check out their delivery suburbs here.

    All your meals come separately packaged in a large box ready to either be unpacked or popped straight into the fridge (check the contents before you put it all in the fridge though, as things like onions and potatoes can be stored in their usual spot in your kitchen). The boxes are reinforced with styrofoam and the ingredients supported on top of some ice packs. You can even empty your box and return it straight to the driver to be used again or recycled by the team.

    The meals each come with neat recipe cards explaining exactly what is needed from you, whether its a few of your own kitchen items (such as oil or butter), to prepare a few things before cooking, or to simply tell you a but about the chef who developed that individual recipe.

    Our daily dish meals

    We enjoyed

    • Grilled chicken with lemon mixed greens,
    • Double stacked burgers with carrot chips,
    • Steak with nutty butternut gratin, and
    • Vegetable hot pot

    A favourite of mine was definitely the double stacked cheese burgers  and the grilled chicken (pictured below).  The burgers were tender and succulent, paired with a slice of emmental cheese, cheddar, mayo and barbecue sauce, bringing the satisfaction of a quality restaurant burger. The carrot chips pleasantly surprised me, as my go-to for burgers is understandably fries. The carrots helped balance out the meal, preventing it from becoming too rich and filling. The grilled chicken was also enjoyed by my family. It came with a mix of crunchy beans, pak choy and a chopped ginger, garlic and onion starter pack for frying. The meal was simple, but delightfully tasty and filling.

    daily dish dinner box
    Grilled Chicken with Lemon Mixed Greens


    daily dish dinner box
    Double Stack Cheese Burgers

    More about the Daily Dish ethos

    Meals range from salads to steaks to soups, and from pastas to burgers to totally vegetarian. Each meal has been thoughtfully developed with the home cook in mind, and aims to introduce you to new ingredients and skills while providing a stress-free experience. Ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers throughout the Western Cape and Gauteng regions, and are therefore sustainably sourced, local and seasonal. The Daily Dish team aim to bring family together through their dinner boxes, whether it’s spending quality time with your kids while cooking together, enjoying dinner with a loved one, or simply spending less time in the kitchen to allow for more time to relax.


    daily dish

    Visit the Daily Dish website here

    Check them out on Instagram here

    Receive up to R250 off your first purchase when signing up for Daily Dish! Use the discount code FOOD250.



    Sjaan is a food stylist and recipe developer for Food & Home. She aims to create mouth-watering images and exciting How To videos on our Instagram, hoping to inspire people to try new recipes and have fun in the kitchen.