• Community Keepers to Aid 20 000 School Kids’ Personal Development by 2025

    Childhood psychological problems may have a long-lasting impact on individuals’ social development and quality of life, reports the RAND Corporation in a recent UK study. In South Africa, many children face daily emotional problems and trauma that are experienced at home. In these cases, children may find it difficult to commit to their academic progress and need ongoing professional support to help lighten their load. Community Keepers, a non-profit organisation offering school-based support programmes in the Western Cape, is tackling this reality head-on and creating innovative ways for the public to become more involved.

    Community Keepers offers professional psycho-social support to learners in schools in marginalised areas. The team includes clinical and educational psychologists, registered counsellors and registered social workers. Understandably, the services of mental health professionals need to be backed by funding. So what better way than sourcing the public’s entrepreneurial and creative skills, and hosting fun events to bring like-minded individuals together and invest in the well-being of school children? Given the success of ‘Most Expensive Burger in Town’ events in 2015 and 2016, Community Keepers and its partners will be hosting this year’s first Most Expensive Burger in Town event on 20 September at Boschendal Estate in Franschhoek.

    Since Community Keepers piloted its school-based service model in 2008, the team has worked hard to open and operate 17 offices in and around Cape Town and Stellenbosch. With recent developments also came bigger dreams; to have 20 offices in the next year. By 2025, Community Keepers aims to reach approximately 20 000 learners annually, with 100 offices established nationwide.

    All proceeds of ‘The Most Expensive Burger in Town’, including tickets purchased by the organisers, sponsors and partners, will go toward sustaining Community Keepers’ school-based offices and help them achieve their goals. “Since last year, the events have helped us build a good foundation for learners to take the necessary steps toward making positive life choices”, says Philip Geldenhuys, Community Keepers CEO. While the events add a good few drops to Community Keepers’ medium/long-term goal ‘bucket’, they are also aimed at creating awareness of the need for psychological support for children in local communities, as well as the issue of how mental health affects the country’s youth.

    The first event will see Boschendal executive chef, Christiaan Campbell take the reigns in the kitchen. As a man who cooks with ethical concepts dear to his heart, Campbell keeps things ‘grounded’ and works closely with the farm producers and managers. Sharing Community Keepers’ vision to help uplift surrounding communities, Campbell and Boschendal were quick to join ‘The Most Expensive Burger in Town’ team. “When word came that help was needed for the project, we knew it was a golden opportunity to offer our time participate in a collective approach to advancing children’s self-development”, says Campbell.

    By purchasing a ticket to ‘The Most Expensive Burger in Town’ event on 20 September, guests will be treated to exquisite wine, locally brewed craft beer, delicious ice cream and coffee, as well as an auction with rare items going under the hammer. Online ticket purchases have recently gone live at https://itickets.co.za/events/383263.html

    Another great way to get involved is to book a therapy session for one child at https://communitykeepers.org. You can choose from different counselling options, from a 30-minute therapy session valued at R100 to a full package which includes two assessment sessions and six counselling or therapy sessions with a counsellor, psychologist or social worker, valued at R800.

    For more information, bookings, and to get involved as a partner to the events, visit https://www.themostexpensiveburgerintown.co.za/   and https://communitykeepers.org/

    Most Expensive Burger in Town details:

    When:                  Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    Where:                The Olive Press, Boschendal Estate, Franschhoek

    Time:                   18:00 for 18:30

    Ticket price:        R650 per person, available on iTickets (https://itickets.co.za/events/383263.html)

    Dress Code:        Smart Casual

    The team responsible for the ‘Most Expensive Burger in Town 2017’ fundraising events includes small business around Stellenbosch like Found.Collection, Okasie  Schoon, Hawk & Schoon, The Pretty Blog, Plus Plus Minus and Elsa Fourie (Projects & Events).

    Sponsors include Boschendal Farm, DGB Wines, The Kindred Co., Stellenbosch Brewing Co., Hatch Communication, Wilderer Distillery, Claremart Auction Group, Kikitography, Kikitography Motion, Hometown Production, Overgaauw Wine Estate, Spek & Bone, Bertus Basson, Movepretty, Reset Fitness, Slippery Spoon Kitchen , The Birdcage, Christine Meintjies Photography, Pretty Social, Marie Stander Art, Damascus Road Coffee Company, Alheit Vineyards, Boland Cellar, Lowerland RSA, Uzuri Life, Eco Africa Digital, Gift Experience South Africa and Freedom of Movement

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