• Culture Wine Bar, located in the heart of Cape Town, invites wine enthusiasts and culture aficionados to embark on a series of extraordinary events that promise to elevate your wine experience. Prepare to indulge in the finest wines from renowned regions, celebrate cultural traditions, and create unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones. 


    1. Celebrate Bastille Day 

    Kickstart the trilogy on Thursday, 13 July 2023 , and embrace the spirit of Bastille Day, a celebration of French heritage and the artistry of winemaking. Head down to Culture Wine Bar for an evening filled with Premier Cru Wines that embody the essence of France. Raise your glass in a toast to the rich culture and history of France while surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss this opportunity to say, “Vive la France!” 


    2. Piedmont, Tuscany & Sicily 

    On Thursday, 27 July 2023, Culture Wine Bar takes you on a captivating journey through the iconic wine regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, and Sicily, right here in Cape Town. Immerse yourself in the flavours and aromas of Italy as we celebrate the diversity and beauty of these renowned regions. Guided by the expertise of David Clarke from Ex Animo Wine Co., embark on this wine-tasting voyage and experience the essence of Italian wine culture.


    3. Keize’s tour of Beaujolais & Burgundy 

    This event is a must-attend for wine enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of the nuanced flavours and complexities of Beaujolais and Burgundy wines. Mark your calendars for Thursday, 31 August 2023, for an extraordinary wine-tasting adventure led by the renowned sommelier, Keizer. Following his recent journey to France, Keizer shares his experience, talking you through the breathtaking regions of Beaujolais and Burgundy. Prepare to be captivated by Keizer’s expertise as he shares his firsthand experience, knowledge, and profound passion for the remarkable wines of these regions. 


    Bookings and Details:

    Location: The Wine Library – Culture Wine Bar | 103 Bree Street

    Time: 18:00 for 18:30 (All events)

    Bastille Day – 13 July 2023

    Cost – R550 pp | Tasting of 8 wines and canapés

    Piedmont, Tuscany & Sicily – 27 July 2023 

    Cost – R495 pp | Tasting of 9 wines and canapés

    Beaujolais & Burgundy – 31 August 2023

    Cost – R1,495 pp | Tasting of 10 wines, canapés, and 2-course dinner


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    Written by Maegan-Leigh Jacobs

    Feature Image: Unsplash/ Scott Warman