Join us for the F&HE Food Meander on 7 November 2017 at Waterfall Corner

October 13, 2017 (Last Updated: October 19, 2017)
food meander at waterfall corner

Indulge in an evening of delectable wining and dining in the heart of Gauteng. Welcoming warm summer nights, we are heading off to the pristine and upmarket Waterfall Corner this November for a host of diverse culinary excursions – each tailor-made to suit a different menu profile. Come and join us for a fun evening out on the town, exploring our way through four menu selections – one course at a time. It’s going to be delicious!

Waterfall Corner, situated on the corners of Woodmead- and Waterfall Drive, is perfectly positioned at the gateway to the Waterfall City precinct in Midrand, Gauteng. Waterfall Corner features a piazza at its heart – a vibrant space buzzing with activity, creating a family-orientated shopping-, gastronomic- and relaxation destination. The centre is anchored by Checkers, Woolworths and Clicks. Added to this is a variety of select stores and facilities.

Waterfall Corner is easily accessible to residents of Waterfall Hills and Waterfall Valley Mature Lifestyle estates, Waterfall Equestrian and Waterfall Country estates and Country Village. Restaurants include Life Grand Café, Mio Col’Cacchio, Monterey Seafood, Remo’s Maximilliano, The Hussar Grill, The Raj, Vovo Telo and Yamada Sushi to service the needs of the area’s high-end residential market.

Monterey Seafood 

At Monterey, making the finest seafood – from shellfish to sushi – is an art form. Not only does Monterey present the freshest, choice cuts of seafood, together with outstanding vintages in their cellar, but they also proudly prepare and cook all meals and accompaniments on site, using only top-grade produce. Enjoy quality and sophistication, along with a warm and welcoming reception!

The Hussar Grill 

The Hussar Grill welcomes you to their multiple award-winning, premium grill room, where they are proud to offer a cut above the rest, including the best venison and beef cuts. Beef is wet-aged in cold rooms for up to 35 days, then brushed with their signature basting to deliver perfectly succulent grills for every guest, every time – making each bite at The Hussar Grill an experience to savour.

Remo’s Maximilliano

Rooted in traditional Italian ideals, Remo’s was born from a passion for authentic, upmarket, European-inspired food. They continue to deliver grand, café-style Italian food in all four of their restaurants across the country. A Remo’s dining experience shows the heart of Italy and Europe through the dishes created and the memories made. Their mantra? Mangiare bene, vivere bene – Eat well, live well.

Life Grand Café

Life Grand Café believes in the soul of a place and this eatery is warm and vibrant, comfortable but super-chic with strong heritage characteristics to ground it. Find soul food at the theatre bars Life Grand Café is known for – the salad bar, raw bar, barista stations and pâtisserie counter. Designer cocktails don’t disappoint or why not grab a smoothie from the juice bar?

Group 1

Welcome drinks at Homewood

Starter at The Hussar Grill

Chicken livers sautéed in sherry, garlic, onions, mixed herbs and cream or peri-peri, served with croûtes

Palate cleansers at
Mio Col’cacchio

Main at Life Grand Café

Smoked, honey-glazed pork “wings”
with cranberry jus and roasted
sweet potatoes

Dessert at Remo’s Maximilliano

Duo of dark and white chocolate mousse, with La Dolce Vita cappuccino or TWG tea

Farewell drinks: limoncello or grappa accompanied by cantuccini (original biscotti from Tuscany)

Sweet take-me-home treat from Vovo Telo

Group 2

Welcome drinks at Homewood

Starter at Life Grand Café

Beef carpaccio with fennel, mixed baby greens, radish, pickled mushroom and dukkah phyllo

Palate cleansers at
Mio Col’cacchio

Main at Monterey Seafood

Seafood paella brimming with mussels, prawns and calamari sautéed with a spicy chorizo sausage then baked in their Monterey consommé and saffron rice, served with ciabatta slices

Dessert at Hussar Grill

Velvety smooth cheesecake atop a traditional buttery biscuit base and baked to perfection, dolloped with cream or vanilla ice cream

Farewell drinks: chocolate vodka Martini or cappuccino

Sweet take-me-home treat from Vovo Telo

Group 3

Welcome drinks at Homewood

 Starter at Monterey Seafood

Seafood tacos: three soft-shell tacos, freshly baked and filled
with juicy prawns and avocado, sautéed kingklip strips, and mango and calamari tubes and heads
with jalapeño

Palate cleansers at
Mio Col’cacchio

Main at Remo’s Maximilliano

Nino’s pizza: Gorgonzola, dolcelatte, zucchini and pancetta toppings

Dessert at Life Grand Café

Mince pie-flavoured chocolate
ice cream on a chocolate sponge
base with Van der Hum
burnt meringue

Sweet take-me-home treat from Vovo Telo  

Group 4

Welcome drinks at Homewood

Starter at Remo’s Maximilliano

Aubergine polpetti, with grilled halloumi, basil mayo and ginger jam

Palate cleansers at
Mio Col’cacchio

Main at Hussar Grill

350g T-bone steak with your choice of sauce, creamed spinach and cinnamon-infused butternut side dish

Dessert at
Monterey Seafood

Baked salted caramel tart served
with vanilla ice cream

Farewell drinks: cappuccino,
Irish coffee or Dom Pedro

Sweet take-me-home treat from Vovo Telo

Click here for info on how to book for the F&HE Food Meander

Payment to be made within 24 hours of booking. Reservations confirmed only once payment has been received in full. A 30% cancellation fee applies. Tickets are limited (120 in total),
cannot be reserved and will be sold on a firstcome, first-serve basis to the first 40 readers who book for each menu group. Travel to and from the event is not included in the cost. Unfortunately,
no vegetarian or vegan alternatives are available for this event.

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