• Green tea has always been praised for its virtues as a healthy drink, but normal green tea contains caffeine. Enter Green Rooibos! Freshpak Green Rooibos Tea is a naturally sweet and caffeine-free delicious alternative packed with healthy benefits.

    Green Rooibos tea is made from the rooibos plant and while it has all the benefits of green tea, it is naturally caffeine-free.

    Our Copy Editor has been swapping her daily coffee for a refreshing cup of the new Freshpak Green Rooibos Tea. Here are four reasons why she’s going green:

    1. Green Rooibos has a naturally sweeter taste as it is lower in tannins, which means being healthy is easier to swallow.
    2. Try it in a smoothie or as a sugar-free, caffeine-free iced tea – ideal for summer!
    3. It aids digestion– so sip on a cup after every meal.
    4. Green Rooibos can help elevate your energy levels – so save money (and calories!) by giving up that daily latte or energy drink and have a cuppa instead.