• There are few things most people in the world can agree on – one of them being that there’s nothing quite as scrumptious as biting into a perfectly juicy burger. Whether it’s the hands-on factor or the perfect bun-to-filling ratio that gives burgers their satisfying appeal, the profound question is this: Are burgers a real dish, or are they simply just ingredients lying on top of each other? If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, discover some easy hiking trails in Cape Town.

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    So, of course, we had to dig a little deeper. Here are 5 innovative burger creations found exclusively in Cape Town that will make you question the very definition of the dish:

    The ‘OG’ Pumpkin Fritter burger

    The pumpkin fritter is a Cape Malay favourite, and a popular choice of sweet treat to have on the boeka table during the fasting month of Ramadan. The Wynburger‘s innovative chef has managed to create the perfect mashup of savoury and sweet by swapping out the classic buttered bun for two pumpkin fritters topped with a caramel sauce.

    Throw in some kaanget basting, or litchi-infused onion rings for the the Boeta ‘O’ burger, and a range of masterpieces were created.

    There’s even a vegetarian option that’s pretty amusingly been named ‘The Rondeposch burger

    It sounds a little strange, but we guarantee you, it works.

    Picture: @wynburger / Instagram

    The Sushi burger

    Have you ever been in a situation where you were stuck between getting a burger or having some sushi? Well now you can literally have both with opting for none other than a sushi burger. The decision has never been easier.

    Made with deep fried sushi rice, seared salmon or tuna with lettuce, carrots, avo cabbage, sesame seeds and a signature sauce; this sushi burger is sure to hit both spots.

    At Aiko sushi, you are spoilt for choice when craving sushi but looking for something a little bit different, offering sushi in the forms of donuts, pizzas, burritos or fish balls.

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    The Mac & Cheese burger

    When you feel like carbo-loading, this American style BBQ smokehouse and burger joint is the place to be. Talladega Grill combines comfort with comfort, serving two universal classic favourites in one wholesomely satisfying burger. And for the smoked meats connoisseurs, rest assured, all their products are smoked in a custom built natural wood smoker made with the finest Apple and Oak wood.

    In the spirit of all things classic, have one of their gourmet milkshakes. After all, its the best accompaniment to any burger, besides fries of course.

    Picture: @talladegagrill / Instagram

    The Lab-burger

    The start up company Mzansi Meat Co have succeeded in producing Africa’s first ever lab-cultivated meat burger.

    According to the Daily Maverick, on 12 April 2022, three sliders were prepared by vegan chef Jason McNamara on a bed of The Kind Kitchen. The patties were placed delicately on a bed of lettuce on a roll, with a light coating of mayonnaise.

    Think juicy beef burger, but without the cow.

    Their vision is to become the largest cultivated meat company in Africa, creating deliciousness by fighting the challenges and negative climatic impacts of ordinary food systems.

    Picture: @MzansiMeatCo / Twitter
    • Location: 66-68 Albert Road, Block B, Woodstock
    • Website: mzansimeat.co

    The old-school Mega Slider

    Sticking to the classic bun and protein combo, but only serving burgers of one size: ginormous. The Dog’s Bollocks offers a choice of pure beef or vegan patties, or chicken fillets, with caramelised onions and cheddar cheese, dripping in chilli con carne and cheese sauce or spicy Mozambican Portuguese sauce among other options.

    For added extraness, you can even order some fired banana toppings.

    Picture: @ameliaratesfood / Instagram

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    Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape Etc.

    Feature image: Pexels