• In the world of foodies, pizza never seems to lose its charm. Whether you’re a fan of thin-crust pizza piled with delicious toppings, or a simple thick crust topped with scrumptious tomato and mozzarella, a good slice can easily take you to pizza paradise!

    All across South Africa, there are plenty of eateries which stand ready with delicious pizza to satisfy your cravings.

    Here are just a few of the country’s best pizza places:

    Gino’s Restaurant, Johannesburg

    Gino's pizzeria
    Photo: Gino’s Pizzeria/Facebook

    Gino’s Restaurant in Robertsham is a family-run pizzeria serving the most scrumptious pizza to tickle your tastebuds. The restaurant has been a favourite amongst customers for many decades and has won several awards.

    Their pizza is truly proof of the magic that happens when good chefs and good ingredients come together. The restaurant also has another franchise in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

    Café 28, Johannesburg

    Cafe 28
    Photo: Cafe 28/Facebook

    Located within the Inanda Greens Office Park, Café 28 is known for serving the best Neapolitan style pizza in Johannesburg. The eatery uses quality ingredients, most of which are imported from Italy. Fresh organic produce is also grown in their garden. So, if you’re searching for some simple yet tasty pizza, Café 28 is your go-to.

    Osteria Rossa, Bedfordview

    osteria rossa
    Photo: Rossa/Facebook

    Osteria Rossa is known and loved for its mouth-watering pizza. The award-winning Italian restaurant offers bold flavours which are handcrafted from the heart.

    At the restaurant, the dough is made from scratch and given time to rise, hence the freshness of their signature pizzas. On their menu are customer favourites including the Regina, Espania and Pancetta.

    Casa Nostra, KwaZulu-Natal

    Photo: Casa Nostra/Facebook

    Established in 1996, Casa Nostra is a family-run restaurant that is known and loved for offering a little piece of Italy. Their pizza is nothing short of fresh and scrumptious, and the warm hospitality truly enhances the overall dining experience.

    Moreover, ‘Casa Nostra’ means ‘Our home’, and the establishment truly does not fail when it comes to providing a dining experience which is reflective of a home away from home.

    Julia’s Eatalian, Potchefstroom

    julias eatalian
    Photo: Julias Eatalian/Facebook

    If you’re in search of delicious pizza at reasonable prices, Julia’s Eatalian is the place to be. Located in Potchefstroom, the restaurant brings an extra elegance and uniqueness to a small and beautiful town.  

    The restaurant style provides a taste of Italy and the friendly staff add to the perfect dining experience.

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    Written by Nomvelo Masango for Getaway.

    Feature image: Pexels