• The kitchen is most certainly the heart of any home, and who doesn’t love a hearty experience?

    Whether on a late-night snacking spree or having breakfast with your family, the kitchen holds a strong space in the home. Who doesn’t want their kitchen to be the most welcoming, beautiful space in the abode?

    Let’s look at how you can take your kitchen from everyday ordinary to designer dreams with a few easy and subtle tweaks.

    Upgrade the light fixtures

    kitchen designer tips
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    Lighting is not the first thing you’d switch up in a kitchen. Generally, people lean towards repainting walls or mixing them up with new flooring – not saying those aren’t aspects to consider – but a lovely light fixture can reimagine the space!

    Start by considering suspended lights. They bring focus to an area by creating a focal point in the room, opening and encouraging movement around it.

    Elias Deukmajian from the Kitchen Emporium says: “The importance of good lighting in a kitchen is something that should not be overlooked when it comes to designing your home. In fact, proper consideration should be given to not only what type of lighting is installed but where it is placed.”

    Introduce open shelving

    kitchen designer tips
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    Some people may be hesitant about exposing them-shelves, but we’re not talking about your feelings here; we’re talking about your kitchen cupboards.

    Open shelving aims to make guests in your home feel more welcome and to make them feel a part of the space. They can grab a cup or plate without asking you where it is – easy peasy.

    “They don’t have to ask where things are or go rummaging through cabinets because it’s all in plain view.” Jamie Scott from Caught in Grace told Good housekeeping.

    Just keep it clean and easy

    kitchen designer tips
    Image: Unsplash

    Overthinking your future kitchen choices can pressure you to fill the space with expensive designer items. Quite honestly, as cliche as it sounds, all you have to do is ‘keep it simple’ or, in better terms, keep the aesthetic clean. Don’t over-clutter or over-style the space.

    White is a great neutral colour for countertops, walls, and even fixtures. It makes the space look and feels more open. Keep your containers neatly labelled, and stick to black and white kitchen decor.

    These small details will serve your foodie space that easy and ‘clean’ aesthetic for the whole family to enjoy.

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    Written by Rojaun Devos posted on Garden&Home

    Feature image: Unsplash