• Looking to upgrade dinner plans, host with ease, and enjoy new spins on the classics? Here are five unique wine pairings you simply have to try out!


    There is something uniquely exciting about finding new ways to enjoy old favourites, especially when shared. These thought-provoking pairings are a feast for the palate and are sure to spark imagination and delight guests. Here’s what you need to know to start enjoying wine from your collection with fun new accompaniments or even host with the absolute most this season. Before we continue, you should also check out 5 classic wine bars in Stellenbosch.

    Far From Cheesy

    This time-tested pairing is a classic for good reason. Nothing starts a good time off quite like cool, crisp wine served with creamy, soft cheese. Better yet, when you know which pairings work, you won’t believe the sensorial magic you’ll experience.

    Brie and bubbles? Yes, please! Contrast Brie’s creaminess with the tart acidity of dry champagne. Savour full-bodied Gorgonzola with a satisfyingly sweet moscato. Or serve earthy goat cheese with citrusy Sauvignon Blanc to bring
    out the nutty, herbal notes in the cheese. You should also check out the top wine routes in South Africa.

    Cheese and wine pairing
    Photo: Fairview Wine and Cheese/Instagram

    Try it out at Fairview. This rich tasting experience is R70 per person, and lets you enjoy a selection of six wines, four cheeses, and two cured meats. Find out more at fairview.co.za.

    Absolutely Unbeatable

    One of the more avant-garde ways to enjoy wine is by pairing it with music. Yes, really. If traditional pairings use smell and taste, why not upgrade them with the added element of hearing? This sensory delight is sure to change the way you enjoy your wine and your music.

    Crank up effervescent, upbeat pop by Dua Lipa as you sip on a crisp rosé. Nurse a glass of spicy, rich Shiraz with vintage rock from the likes of Dire Straits. Listen to smooth jazz by Norah Jones while you enjoy a wooded Chardonnay.


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    Try it out at Black Elephant Vintners & Co. The premium music and wine pairing happens on Saturday mornings and is done in groups. Learn more and book at bevintners.co.za.

    Snack Attack

    Weekend warriors and serial snackers unite: wine and biltong pairing is actually an official thing! The aromatic spiciness of biltong complements a host of wines in ways that will help you savour new flavours in each element.

    Chilli sticks are soothed by a smooth red blend. Lean game biltong, such as ostrich or eland, is enlivened by a medium-bodied Sangiovese or Merlot. Treat yourself to a nibble of ultra-rich Wagyu biltong paired with a cherry-forward Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Biltong and wine pairing
    Photo: Alto Wine Estate/Instagram

    Try it out at Alto Stellenbosch. Savour five wines with a selection of four biltong flavours and a blue cheese pairing for R160 per person. Apply these learnings at home for thoughtful gifting and hosting! Learn more at alto.co.za.

    Dessert, Upgraded

    If the thought of brainstorming a dessert course for when you’ve already delivered a perfectly planned meal is enough to drive you out of the kitchen, worry not. The ultimate fuss-free dessert is here: wine and chocolate pairing!

    Pair a spicy Shiraz with a heady chai or citrus dark chocolate. Unite Cabernet Sauvignon with its long-lost lover: salt-sprinkled dark chocolate. Or finish off on a traditionally sweet note by serving flowery milk chocolate with a sweet dessert wine.


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    Try it out at Waterford Estate. Their famed chocolate and wine experience costs R125 per person and will leave you superbly sweet! Find out more at waterfordestate.co.za.

    Light The Braai

    Surprise and delight at your next braai with a braaibroodjie and wine pairing! These aren’t your ouma’s braaibroodjies: Get creative and play with flavour on the fire. We all love the classic cheese, tomato, and onion fire-toasted sandwich,
    but we can let it rest as we explore new taste sensations.

    Pair a snoek and cream cheese braaibroodjie with a delightfully crisp Chardonnay. Serve a goat’s cheese, honey and fig sandwich with a hearty Shiraz. Whip up a piquanté pepper, mozzarella and biltong braaibroodjie to enjoy with a glass
    of Pinotage.

    Wine pairings
    Photo: Middelvlei Wine Estate/Instagram

    Try it out at Middelvlei Estate. The R160 wine and braaibroodjie pairings are available on Saturdays and Sundays, and can be booked online at middelvlei.co.za.

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    Written by Ashton Kirsten for Food&Home Autumn Issue.

    Feature image: Middelvlei Wine Estate/Instagram