• Well, we certainly should have been clinking chilled glasses of Champagne in this picture, because we are celebrating! (Junior designer Brent, who was tasked with bringing said bubbles, forgot about the shoot entirely because he was far too wrapped up in his ‘deboning a chicken’ illustrations.) But trust me, the bubbles will flow once this magazine hits the streets – we are all honoured to be relaunching such an iconic brand, known by foodies and non-foodies and wine connoisseurs and regular wine fans across the country. 

    We’ve all been working together at Highbury Media for a good few years now, on many other projects, but when the chance to join forces on F&H arose from our MD’s office one Monday morning, we salivated over cookies, pastries and even more delicious ideas for future covers and recipe features. From the sugar-laden brainstorming we decided that for our inaugural issue, we had to go with pasta. Because, well, pasta. But it could never be your bog-standard spag bol or a carbonara (no offence, legends of the Monday-night dinner table, but who doesn’t already have their favourite recipe locked into their brain?). Nope, it had to be something that when you looked closely, it wasn’t at all what you thought it was… Introducing the cauli-mushroom paccheri bolognese. All the rich umami notes of beef, plus a dash of goodness from the cauli, but minus the meat entirely. It’s comfort food 2021 – post lockdown and the randemic. 

    You can now go spend your saved cash on Champagne, thank you very much, and say ‘Cheers’ with us…

    With love,
    The Food & Home team!