• Chef and restaurateur David Higgs teased at the Eat Out Woolworths Awards that Marble is coming to Cape Town next year.

    Here’s what we know so far…

    Where in Cape Town?

    They’ve signed the lease to set up Marble at the Waterfront. Building will begin in June/July with the expected open date to be in November 2023.

    Marble Cape Town is going to be special with full views of the waterfront and Table Mountain. It’ll be separate from the other restaurants at the Waterfront to create its own special spot.

    Marble has become an institution in Joburg, serving about 300-400 people a day. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Cape Town’s own Marble.

    Will it be the same vibe as Marble Joburg?

    David Higgs says that Marble is about an experience. Everything is based around great relationships and excellent service.

    Their incredible team understands the role that they play in this sensory experience.

    The cocktail bar is the first touchpoint for Marble’s patrons as mixology has become an important part of the dining experience due to its experimental nature.


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    Although the menu and look can’t be the same, the Marble blueprint will be there. Irene creates incredible canvases to work on and all of their restaurants – Zioux and Marble – have received style awards for their aesthetic.

    What about the menu?

    Marble is about fire. They cook on a live fire with wood and charcoal. The fire attracts people and brings them together to chat and take photos. It fosters a sense of community that’s different to other restaurants.

    The food is simple as their menu can’t be at a fine dining level due to the sheer number of customers. However, Marble aims for consistency at a premium level with their food and service.


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    Higgs’ whole family is Greek and he wants to bring in that Mediterranean feel to the new Cape Town restaurant.

    Although the menu and experience will be different, visitors will know that they’re in a Marble restaurant.

    What’s David Higgs’ secret to award-winning restaurants?

    Higgs states that opening Marble was the most difficult experience of his life as trying to control the live fire and temperatures were a problem. But they were able to tame the beast and get the fire under control to create the award-winning restaurant that they have today.

    He says that the secret behind a great restaurant is:

    • The relationships with guests – Higgs explains that they have a strong presence in their restaurants and that there is a slim chance that you won’t be able to come and say hi or ask questions.
    • The strength and unity of the team. They’ve had the same team from almost the beginning and it’s known that they have each others’ backs.
    • Great service and a high-quality experience that satisfies customers.

    What about The Pantry?

    David Higgs hinted at big things to come for The Pantry. There’s always been a plan to build out an incredible experience for The Pantry, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

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    Feature image: Frank Slack via Getty Images