• Great Brak River in the picturesque Garden Route is a hidden gem in more than one way. This charming coastal town is home to a variety of dining establishments that cater to every palate. Whether you’re a seafood lover, a fan of local cuisine, or a connoisseur of international flavours, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds. Here, we take a closer look at some of our favourite restaurants in Great Brak River.

    Die Ou Pastorie Teetuin

    Die ou pastorie teetuin
    Photo: Die Ou Pastorie Teetuin/Facebook

    One of the standout spots in Great Brak River – and one to add to your must-visit list – is Die Ou Pastorie Teetuin (The Old Rectory Tea Garden in English). You’ll often find it bustling with visitors, which just goes to show how beloved it is. Scrolling through reviews and tags on social media you’ll find a plethora of happy customers who promise to return – many dubbing it their favourite restaurant.

    Die Ou Pastorie Teetuin isn’t only well known for their homely, local food and delicious coffee – their unique bespoke gifts and lush green garden is always a big highlight.

    die ou pastorie teetuin
    Die Ou Pastorie Teetuin/Facebook

    Housed in a historic parsonage dating back to a bygone era, this spot invites people to step into a world of vintage charm, where the rich history meets the aroma of freshly brewed teas.

    Surrounded by a scenic garden, Die Ou Pastorie Teetuin becomes a sanctuary for both locals and visitors. The old-world atmosphere and attention to detail transport guests to a tranquil retreat. It’s a place where conversations flow, and time seems to slow down. Whether seeking a moment of solitude or sharing laughter with friends, this place captures the essence of Great Brak River’s heritage, making it a must-visit destination for those who appreciate the beauty of nostalgia and the pleasures of a well-brewed cup of tea.

    Address: 8 Lang Street, Great Brak River 


    Mooiuitsig Kombuis

    Mooiuitsig Kombuis
    Photo: Mooiuitsig Kombuis/Facebook

    Mooiuitsig Kombuis has become a rising star in South Africa’s food scene. Despite being in operation for just over a year, this eatery has already earned accolades, winning the Restaurant Guru Award for Best Pizzas and receiving a nomination for Best Restaurant in the area. The recent Porcupine Ridge Pizzeria Challenge saw Mooiuitsig Kombuis securing an impressive fifth place out of over 90 participating restaurants nationwide.

    Mooiuitsig Kombuis
    Mooiuitsig Kombuis/Facebook

    Owner Erasmus Myburg attributes their success to hard work, a dedicated team, and the overwhelming support of the local community. Engaging with customers as friends rather than just clients, Mooiuitsig Kombuis has fostered a sense of community. As they aim for the top spot in the next challenge, Mooiuitsig Kombuis continues to be a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and community spirit in the world of dining.

    Address: 6B Old Airport Road Voorbrug, R102, Great Brak River


    De Vette Mossel

    de vette mossel
    Photo: De Vette Mossel/Facebook

    Nearly 20 years ago, De Vette Mossel in Great Brak River opened its doors, situated on a secluded stretch of coastline teeming with a bounty of seafood, including fish, oysters, black mussels, and more. The menu is filled with a seafood feast with delights such as black mussels, snoek, kabeljou, geelstert, koningklip, West Coast crayfish, prawns, calamari, butterfish, stockfish, and a variety of popular sides like freshly baked pot bread (potbrood) and sweet potatoes. Presented as a rolling buffet, visitors help themselves and dig in as much as they desire. The freshly baked pot bread with garlic butter mussels always receives unanimous praise.

    de vette mossel
    De Vette Mossel/Facebook

    What sets De Vette Mossel apart, according to them, is not just the impeccably prepared seafood but the entire experience – seaside ambiance, sand beneath your feet, and food cooked on open fires right in front of you. It’s a communal experience, enjoyed among friends, making dining at De Vette Mossel truly special.

    Address: Souwesia Beach, Great Brak River


    Deja View

    Deja view
    Photo: Ilita Lodge/Facebook

    Established in 2018, Deja View has evolved in response to changing circumstances, particularly influenced by the challenges posed by Covid. Their current focus is on presenting delectable, familiar dishes at affordable prices, accompanied by exceptional service and a breathtaking view.

    Among their popular offerings, the delicious cappuccinos and homemade cakes stand out, alongside breakfast options and burgers. Deja View distinguishes itself by emphasising well-known, comforting and hearty dishes at very reasonable prices.

    deja view
    Photo: Ilita Lodge/Facebook

    While the menu boasts tasty and affordable dishes, visitors come to Deja View not just for the food but also for the panoramic view and hospitality. The establishment invests considerable time and energy in its staff, creating a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel like part of the family. With a view considered one of the best along the Garden Route, capturing stunning scenes of the sea, the town, the river, and the mountains, Deja View offers a truly memorable experience.

    Address: 19 Hoogtepad Suid, Heights, Great Brak River



    Photo: Supplied

    Opened to the public in December 2015, Seeplaas started as a small coffee shop and art gallery, expanding over the years to offer guests a return experience. Today, Seeplaas comprises a restaurant, Ken Maloney’s 3-D art gallery, a lifestyle store, guesthouse, wedding venue, and an art shop hosting art classes. Renowned for the Southern Cape’s famous “Bubble Tent,” offering the ultimate glamping experience, Seeplaas has become a multifaceted destination.

    Photo: Supplied

    The menu features delightful seafood options, with a standout being the classic golden-brown fried fish with chips – a perfect match for gazing over the sea. What makes Seeplaas special is the heartbeat of the place – the people who work there. The atmosphere is a blend of stylishness and a “come barefoot from the beach to enjoy a milkshake” vibe.

    Address: Plot 60 Ottosrust, Great Brak River


    Peperboom Restaurant

    Photo: Peperboom Restaurant/Facebook

    Peperboom is a must-visit restaurant in Great Brak River that has a rich history, with its building constructed in the year 2000. Originally a bakery, Peperboom changed hands over the years, each owner leaving their unique mark. In early 2023, Lourens and Azelle Tolmay proudly became the owners of Peperboom Restaurant. Lourens, with his special charm, leads the way, while Azelle stands by his side as the Chef.

    Photo: Peperboom Restaurant/Instagram

    Peperboom has long been renowned for its delicious breakfast, featuring standout dishes such as homemade granola and the distinctive flavours of their eggs benedict, along with Chef Gian’s freshly baked sourdough bread. For lunch, the fresh seafood and Azelle’s pork belly are popular choices.

    In response to numerous requests, Peperboom introduced evening openings, offering popular items like fresh pasta, gourmet pizzas, and the Café de Peper steak. What sets them apart? We encourage you to experience it firsthand. The love for what they do and the passion of everyone in their restaurant family are tangible and evident, making Peperboom a special and inviting place.

    Address: 67 Lang Street, Great Brak River

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     Written by Bianca Muller.
    Feature image: visitmosselbay.co.za