• South Africa’s Safari Vinegar is putting the country on the map by fast becoming one of the most popular multi-purpose pantry items across the southern region and beyond. The celebrated brand is manufactured by Cecil Vinegar Works, part of leading listed South African food group, Libstar.

    This award-winning vinegar, manufactured by the largest vinegar producer in the Southern Hemisphere, brings its uniquely South African flair to the Anuga Trade Fair 2023. The brand will exhibit its legacy of world-class, naturally fermented vinegar products, including its Cape Black Balsamic Glaze, which won a double Gold at the Aurora International Taste Challenge, demonstrating South Africa’s food production prowess.

    Wynand Louw, Managing Executive at Cecil Vinegar Works, says Safari Vinegar’s presence at this year’s trade show promises to take food buyers and retailers on an extraordinary adventure of rich South African flavour. “Families in the Southern Hemisphere either grew up with Safari Vinegar or went on to discover its various uses in their later years. Now that we’re on an international stage, we can showcase the region’s unique culinary culture, rich heritage, and ability to produce a diverse range of award-winning vinegar products using high-quality natural ingredients.”

    A taste of South Africa’s deeply rooted heritage

    Founded in 1936, Cecil Vinegar Works uses submerged fermentation technology to produce a broad spectrum of vinegar, that’s Kosher and Halaal. The company’s vinegar ranges from classic spirit and grape vinegar, exotic rice and malt vinegar, and therapeutic apple cider vinegar to exquisite wine and balsamic vinegar. The brand’s offerings are tailored for diverse tastes and applications and fly off supermarket shelves across South Africa, as well as in strategic global markets such as New Zealand, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Zambia.

    Safari, a brand whose deep-rooted history extends back to 1908 and that has been providing vinegar for more than 30 years, fuels Cecil Vinegar Works’ trailblazing trajectory in vinegar production. The brand has a unique edge in educating consumers on the varied uses of different vinegar types, from food enhancements to natural cleaning solutions – broadening the traditional use of vinegar in the region, and now the globe.

    “Vinegar is such a versatile product that has grown in popularity due to its diverse applications. This condiment’s growth trajectory signals a promising future for brands like Safari and Cecil Vinegar Works, which continue to innovate and diversify product ranges to meet the evolving needs of global consumers,” adds Louw.

    Safari Vinegar

    Showcasing an Aurora International Taste Challenge award-winning brand

    As a group, Libstar is passionate about innovation and Cecil Vinegar Works showcased its commitment to quality and culinary innovation at the 2023 Aurora International Taste Challenge in South Africa’s prestigious wine region of Stellenbosch.

    This event, which brought together the crème de la crème of global food producers, served as a platform for Cecil Vinegar Works to demonstrate its exceptional product range. Cecil Vinegar Works emerged triumphant after a rigorous evaluation process conducted by some of the world’s most accomplished food and beverage professionals.

    Their seven submitted products from the Safari Cape Glazes and Dip & Dress ranges stood out among a vast pool of over 3 000 entries, achieving:

    • Two Double Gold Awards: for Cape Black Balsamic Glaze and Greek Style Dip & Dress Vinaigrette
    • Three Gold Awards: for Cape Apple & Honey Balsamic Glaze, Italian Style Dip & Dress Vinaigrette and French Style Dip & Dress Vinaigrette
    • One Silver Award: for Jalapeno Balsamic Glaze

    With a focus on depth of flavour rather than sheer intensity, Cecil Vinegar Works and Safari have cemented their statuses as award-winning brands in a highly competitive global culinary landscape.

    Anuga Food Fair buyers and retailers can expect a showcase of these award-winning brands, Safari’s full vinegar range, and to gain an intimate understanding of the various product compositions and origins.

    Safari Vinegar

    About Cecil Vinegar Works

    Cecil Vinegar Works, part of leading South African food group Libstar, has been manufacturing naturally fermented vinegar since 1936. As the largest vinegar manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, Cecil Vinegar Works produces a full range of vinegar and related products, serving both the domestic and international markets.

    About Safari Vinegar

    Manufactured under licence by Cecil Vinegar Works, Safari Vinegar is a trusted and recognised brand in South Africa and Africa. The brand has won numerous awards for the naturally fermented vinegar it manufactures from the finest locally grown grapes and apples.

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