• The new gardening season is nearly upon us. Are you prepared for a garden filled with beautifully blooming plants? Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of your garden this summer:

    Prune for Summer Blooms

    The period from the end of winter to early spring is the ideal time to prune summer-blooming flowering shrubs. Pruning during this time stimulates plant growth, leading to healthier flowers and fruits. It’s a chance to remove diseased and dead wood, as well as weak shoots damaged by winter frost. For shrubs that flower from late winter to early spring, prune them right after flowering in early summer to encourage new growth for the next summer season. You can also prune roses either at the end of winter or throughout their flowering season to promote more flowers. Winter pruning helps eliminate dead wood and leaves, and roses benefit from substantial pruning as they tend to rebound even stronger. Make sure to remove and dispose of any diseased leaves and branches to prevent fungal diseases.

    Weed Control

    Weeds are an inevitable challenge in every garden, whether they’re holdovers from the previous year or new growth in the current season. The best time to tackle them is when the soil is still soft from winter, as they’re easier to remove compared to hard, dry summer soil. Act swiftly to remove them before they establish deep roots and produce seeds. Consider using efficient tools like the GARDENA Weed Puller, designed to make this task easier without straining your back. Simply grasp the weed at its root, twist the tool to pull it from the ground, and then use the release mechanism to eject the weed. Other recommended tools for various weed types are the GARDENA Patio Weeder and the GARDENA combisystem 2 in 1 Patio Weeder.

    Fertilize for Growth

    Fertilizing is most effective during a plant’s peak growth phase, when it’s sprouting new leaves, flowering, or displaying new growth after winter dormancy. Spring is the ideal time for fertilizing most plants. For seedlings, use granular fertilizers to avoid damaging young plant roots. The GARDENA Soft Sprayer is recommended for applying granular fertilizers without washing away seeds. Flowering plants benefit from spring fertilization; mix the fertilizer well into the soil and water thoroughly after application. Liquid fertilizers can also complement granular ones. The GARDENA Pump Sprayer in various sizes is recommended for liquid fertilizer application.

    Different plants, including vegetables, edible crops, ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, and lawns, have specific fertilization needs, and it’s crucial to match the right type and timing of fertilization. Consider adding manures or general fertilizers containing nitrogen to enrich the soil. Both granular and liquid fertilizers are recommended, and tools like GARDENA Fertilizer Spreaders and Pressure Sprayers are useful for proper application.

    Soil Aeration

    Over time, soil can become dry and compact due to natural elements. Cultivating the soil helps break up the compacted surface, facilitating air penetration, water absorption, and nutrient distribution to plant roots. Healthy soil comprises mineral particles, water, organic matter, air, and microorganisms. The balance of these components is vital for a thriving garden. Garden tools like spades and forks remain essential for soil cultivation. The new GARDENA Spades and Forks offer improved performance and comfort. Cultivate the soil to a depth of 6 to 10 cm using tools like the GARDENA Cultivator, and avoid disturbing plant roots. Earthworms can aid soil aeration and nutrient enrichment. Avoid working with wet soil, as it can lead to soil compaction. Soil aeration is essential for promoting robust plant root development.

    Remove Brown Leaves from Perennials

    Trim or rake off any brown leaves from dead perennial plants. Clearing away the dead foliage prepares the ground for new growth that will emerge soon.

    Lawn and Flower Bed Edging

    As winter ends, it’s a suitable time to define crisp edges along garden beds. This not only enhances the appearance of the landscape but also creates a barrier for mulch and compost application. The GARDENA combisystem Lawn Edger Tool, attached to a combisystem handle, offers an ergonomic solution for this task. It’s beneficial for maintaining an upright posture while working.

    With these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to nurture a vibrant and flourishing garden this summer!

    For more gardening hints and tips, or when you’re not sure which product to use in your garden, visit  www.gardena.co.za.

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