• Are you an air fryer fan? Or are you yet to join the ranks of what may be the biggest cooking cult in the world?

    Here are some insights into the most advanced air fryers and cooking multitaskers in the world, what you should be looking for when choosing one, PLUS brilliant recipes to try.

    Fact: Air fryer life is here to stay.

    “Let me tell you about my air fryer…” has become dinner party talk, die-hard braaiers are conceding that a good air fryer will cook Woolies chicken or lamb sosaties better than they can, and everyone from students, singletons and pensioners to busy moms on-the-go agree that air fryers have made cooking simpler, better and faster.

    1. Love chicken wings? Make the crispiest, juiciest wings you’ve ever had in just 15 minutes, simply toss in a little oil or marinade and you’re ready to fry! You may never deep fry anything again. Try this recipe for Sticky Chicken Wings.
    2. Hungry teens? Make crispy hot chips in 15 minutes flat – toss frozen oven chips in a teaspoon of oil, season and let the air fryer do the rest – so much less mess. Try this air fryer Samoosa recipe too.
    3. Cooking for a crowd? The Instant Vortex Plus Versazone cooks different foods in two different baskets – at different temperatures – all at the same time!
    4. Energy and electricity conscious? An air fryer is up to 80% more energy efficient than a conventional oven – game changer!
    5. Short on space? The Instant Pot Duo Crisp & Air Fryer is an electric pressure cooker AND an air fryer – simply swap out your lids according to cooking tasks.
    6. Time strapped? An air fryer needs no pre-heating. Cook your favourite snacks and meals (from toasted cheese to roast chicken) in less time than a conventional oven.
    7. Hate washing up? Cook an entire meal in your air fryer – and simply wash the non-stick basket in warm, soapy water, that’s it!
    8. Health conscious? Roast fish, vegetables, sweet potatoes, chicken or meat with just a splash of oil and enjoy the locked in flavour and goodness. Try this Air Fryer Salmon recipe.
    9. Batch cooker? Reduce prep time by up to 70% by using an air fryer to roast, bake or air fry your meal components. Then use it to reheat your pre-cooked meals.
    10. Keen baker? Anything an oven can do, an air fryer can do – in less time. Even perfectly moist cakes and muffins. This air fryer Blueberry Muffins recipe is so easy

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