• Dairy is such an integral part of our family’s healthy eating that we don’t want loadshedding to compromise our daily enjoyment of these nutritious and versatile products.

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    At a time, when we want to look after our health and support our immune systems, dairy in our diets has so much to offer as a unique high-quality protein source with a wide profile of essential micro-nutrients. Luckily, there are a variety of product solutions and lots of fantastic new hacks, shared by Rediscover Dairy, to help you easily manage, buy, store and use dairy.

    Here are 5 tips to store and use dairy:

    1. Yes, fresh milk can be frozen.  Make sure that there is some empty space in your airtight container as milk expands when it freezes.  Don’t worry if sometimes the milk separates slightly after defrosting; give it a good shake, it is still safe to consume. Goat’s milk also freezes well. Defrost milk in the fridge overnight or in a water bath.

    2.  Freeze fresh cream and sour cream. Freeze it on the day of purchase so that you have it on hand for the weeks ahead. This will ensure that you can still enjoy your favourite creamy pasta sauces and desserts. NB: Fresh cream cannot be whipped after it has been frozen.

    3. Butter has a naturally long life in the fridge. Stock up on a few extra butters, especially if they are available at a good price, and slip them into spaces in your freezer. Frozen butter can be grated when required in small amounts.

    4. Cheeses also freeze well. For easy use, you may want to grate hard cheeses and store small amounts in separate freezer bags for up to three months.  Some varieties may crumble a bit after defrosting but they are perfectly safe to eat and easy to use in sauces, baked goods or on sandwiches.

    5. All the joys of frozen yoghurt at home! You don’t have to buy frozen yoghurt at speciality stores. Push a teaspoon through the foil lid of the yoghurt containers and place it in the freezer until completely frozen. Serve as an ice lolly. You can also involve the whole family in creating your own frozen yoghurt delights by using your own airtight containers or lolly moulds; adding cut up fresh or dried fruit, fruit purees or pulp; nuts, seeds or granola; chocolate chips, pieces or sauces.

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