• It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And to make the festivities and feast last even longer, we are showing you 5 ways with Christmas leftovers – perfect for Boxing Day brunch.

    1. When baking your ham, reserve, strain and freeze the pan juices. If your ham is boned, reserve that too. Cook 500g frozen peas with 750ml pan juices (and the bone if using) and a few fresh mint leaves, then liquidise it (remove the bone first), and you have a delicious pea and ham soup. Serve chilled or warm.
    2. Make a cassata with leftover Christmas cake or pudding by slicing the cake/ pudding very thinly, no more than 1cm. Pour 100ml brandy all over. Line a pudding bowl first with plastic wrap, then the slices. Soften 500ml good-quality vanilla ice cream and pour into the bowl. If you like, add some chopped pecan nuts or walnuts to the mixture. Dried citrus peel would also work. Freeze the mixture, then turn it out and you’ll have a delicious cassata for dessert, as pictured above.
    3. Chop or shred bits of leftover turkey and combine it with sliced mango, some dried cranberries, a few pecan nuts and some salad leaves. Make a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, honey and mustard and toss into the salad for a great light lunch.
    4. Mash chopped leftover roast potatoes, turkey, peas and carrots together and form into patties. Fry in a little butter and oil over a medium heat to make breakfast hash browns.
    5. Leftover ham can be diced and added to an omelette. This is even better if you have a little Emmental or Gruyère cheese to melt into

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